If you’re one of those people that have got at least one room in their home, they'd prefer it to be a much larger space. Unless you’re willing to make extensive renovations, it is impossible to get a small room turn into a larger one.

However, there's another approach to do it. By taking advantage of adequately choosing an alluring decor and a bit of convincing optical illusions, it is possible to create the illusion of a smaller space to look and feel larger.

As such, area rugs and carpeting can make your small room look larger. It is an essential home decor method if you can't afford a bigger space. That drives us to tackle these tips below. Consider them if you want to make the perception of a roomier living room, workplace, and other spaces in your home which you feel is a bit cramped.

Creating a Visual Continuity Using A Broadloom

Wall to wall installation of broadlooms can make your room seem bigger through providing a sense of continuity. Floor surface that varies could develop visual endpoints and beginnings. By contrast, if the carpet touches wall to wall, your eyes automatically scan the space.

If your room has an irregular size or shape, you will likely need to consider the actual area of the room that you want to cover. For example, when purchasing a pre-made Broadloom, you want to have an extra allowance of its total size just to make sure that when you make some cut adjustment on the rug, you can still perfectly cover the entire area.

Scaling The Pattern To Room Size

If you want to have some pattern covering your handmade area rug or carpet, be sure that the pattern's size is scaled suitably to the size of your room. The usual criterion is that larger patterns are good for larger rooms. However, this rule is not fixed and does rely more on the visible amount of flooring space. For instance, a small room which doesn't have a lot of furniture pieces could utilize a larger pattern, on the other hand, larger area that's full of furniture may take a smaller pattern.

Just like other essential components of home decor, your floor covering can also affect the overall mood of your room. Therefore picking the right floor covering could help you attain the sense of the more spacious area and the relaxed feeling of wider space.

 Lighter Color, Means Bigger

Most people believe with the concept that lighter colors can help to create a room that will feel much bigger than darker colors do. Using lighter tone colors to cover the whole area could help to widen the space visually. Furthermore, lighter colors reflect more sunlight rather than darker colors, which make the light in a space adds feel more spacious.

When It Comes To Area Rugs, Size Matters

The most common decorating error is buying a rug without considering the size. Using a small size area rug will make the room feel much smaller. The perfect size of a rug that’s ideal for your room would depend on various factors, along with your furniture arrangement. If it's possible to position every front leg of your furniture sitting on the rug, you should do it.

Additional tip: For a selection of furniture that compliments the entire theme of the space, sites such as Black Mango are always available to visit and browse.


We are familiar with both the beauty and challenges of living in small spaces. However, if done well, a small room like can become a large and welcoming living space. The good news is, now that you're familiar with these tips above, the key is already in your hand to fix up a small room that feels warm and comfortably large.

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