Ultimate Rug Buying Guide for Bamboo Silk Rugs

When you think of buying an eco-friendly bamboo silk rug, the first place to start is to learn a little about bamboo silk rugs. Bamboo silk rugs are eco-friendly rugs made of bamboo silk. Bamboo silk fibers are incredibly soft and immensely durable. It is absolutely a no brainer to guess that bamboo silk is extracted from bamboo. Let us tell you how it is done. First, cellulose is drawn out of the bamboo plants. Then a thick sticky paste is created. This material is first dried and then woven into soft threads that are ideal for making bamboo silk rugs. Now that you know how bamboo silk is crafted, let us tell you about how to identify and buy a genuine bamboo silk rug.

Test The Texture

The bamboo yarn has a soft, shiny, and smooth texture. A bamboo silk rug is softer than a woolen rug. They are almost as soft and plush as pure silk rugs.

Colour Clarification

Bamboo yarn does not have any uniform thickness because it is hand spun and made of twisted fiber threads. Once bamboo yarn undergoes washing and trimming, you will easily be able to see the formation of a unique color variation. This happens because, during the dying process, the color does not reach the inner section of the twisted fiber. The beauty and artistry of a genuine bamboo silk rug lie in its slight color variation.

Knot Numbers

In a high-quality bamboo silk rug,you will see a knot count of 100-200 knots per square inch (KPSI). The thumb rule is that the higher is the KPSI of a bamboo silk rug, the higher is its price and durability.

Precise Price

Original and authentic bamboo silk rugs are cheaper than pure silk rugs. It is an affordable alternative to pure silk rugs. However, a pure bamboo silk rug with a high KPSI is priced on the higher side and is a valuable piece of art.

Discussing Durability

Bamboo silk rugs are suitable for average to high foot traffic areas. They are absolutely perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. However, a pure bamboo silk carpet is not suitable for outdoor usage. Premium quality bamboo silk rugs are highly durable and go on to give you absolute hospitality and joy for more than 50 years.

Mild Maintenance

A genuine bamboo silk rug needs professional cleaning one to two times a year. You can easily self-wash these rugs and save money, especially if it gets dirty too often. For dry cleaning, raise the bristle bar of your vacuum cleaner and clean in the pile direction not against it. For deep cleaning you can use a mild shampoo and cold water in a systematic manner. You can also hire professionals to clean your precious bamboo silk rug.

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