FAQ Afghan Rugs and Afghani Carpets

The ethnicity and authenticity of Afghan carpets are second to none. They are exotic and distinctive oriental rugs. They hold a special appeal for buyers looking for true and original ethnic expression. Like Afghanistan itself, Afghan rugs represent a diverse range of artistic sensibilities and cultures. While some heavy showcase influences of Persia, some reflect the war history of Afghanistan. Afghan carpets are indeed a pinnacle of craftsmanship.

If you are looking for an original and authentic Afghani rug, then you must know a few characteristics of Afghan Rugs and Afghani Carpets. Here are a few things to take into consideration, that will help you make the right purchase decision.


Almost all Afghan Rugs use natural dyes that come from plants. More than often, genuine and traditional Afghan Carpets come in earthy colors such as red, maroon, brown, and different shades of green, yellow and blue. They are usually vibrant and get along with almost all home d├ęcor schemes. They are quite a treat to the eye.


An authentic Afghani carpet is handwoven with mountain wool. Some tribal carpets also use goat hair for overbinding the selvedges or sides. Some Afghani prayer rugs also use camel hair along with mountain wool. Afghan Rugs are heavy and durable. This is because they are tightly woven and have an extremely dense and solid construction. Unlike soft silk carpets, Afghan Carpets are heavy, hard, but quintessentially cozy.


Some of the common Afghan carpet types include Baluch Rugs, Kilims,Mauri Rugs, Shindand or Adraskand Rugs, Turkmenistan Rugs, or Bukhara Carpets and KhalMohammadi Rugs. Baluch Rugs are usually small, and they feature vibrant colors. Kilims are flat woven rugs. A Kilim showcases a distinct pattern that comprises a small slit between colors. Unlike other Afghan Rugs, Mauri Rugs are one of the most high quality and luxurious Afghan Rugs.

Some of the various types of Turkmenistan carpets or Bukhara carpets include Basjir, Tekke, Salor, Yomut and Tjaudor carpets. Bukhara rugs showcase various designs like geometric patterns, octagonal motifs, floral medallions, and complex oval or diamond-shaped motif patterns. They are indeed one of the most sought after Afghan Carpets and are highly associated with royalty. KhalMohammadi Rugs are warm and welcoming. They usually display deep reds, with black or dark blues used to highlight its details.

Despite the type of Afghan rug that you are looking for, know that all Afghan Carpets have a nomadic, tribal, traditional, and bohemian look and feel. More than often, they exhibitbold motifs and intricate designs. They are handwoven, and a medium sized Afghan rug can take 7 to 9 months to complete.

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