Cleaning of a house is more important than decorating a home. If you clean your home perfectly then it will look thousand times better than decorating a dusted room. I know that cleaning task is a boring and time-consuming task but you can convert it into a fun and interesting task which is easy to do. I am going to tell you that how you can clean your wall, surface, roof area within your time limit.

I am going to cover this article with two points. The first one is to clean your room and second is to organize your room.

Cleaning of wall

1) Clean your room:

What are the three things that you can do now that will look less congested in your room and feel better? Is there a big pile of dirty and clean clothes in the corner? Are your maximum accessories seeing like littering on the floor? These three things, you should organize first before doing other tasks. It is good if you decide and divide your time for every task in your mind. If you have one hour time, spend fifteen minutes on each task. If you have all day, you can find it for deep cleaning. With a shortage of time, it is best to deal with every little task so you can feel that you have done small changes perfectly in your room.

A) Clean your ceiling:

For cleaning your roof area, you have to remove the light bulbs and chandelier from your ceiling. After that, use a long broom to clean it. Before starting this task, cover your furniture and other accessories with old clothes, bedsheet or with newspaper. This is better if you remove all accessories from your room.

B) Clean your wall:

For cleaning your wall, you should remove your paintings, pictures, wall hanging carpet and make it as an empty canvas. After that remove your handmade area rug which is placed on your surface because if you clean your wall using water and detergent then your carpet will get wet and dirty. You can use chemical or detergent for cleaning your wall. If you have wallpaper or tiles wall then you can use dust remover chemical which includes lemon so that it can easily clean oily dirt on the wall.

C) Clean your surface:

For cleaning your surface, move your heavy furniture and clean your surface (especially the corner of your room). Roll your exclusive handmade carpet and remove it from your room. Clean your carpet before placing it in your home. For cleaning your room surface you can vacuum it or can clean with water and detergent.

 Cleaning of surface

2) Now I am going to tell you how you can organize your room perfectly.

A) Manage your clothes:

if you are a working person then there is a maximum chance to occur this problem. So for cleaning your home you should categorize your clothes like make a pile of winter clothes and make another pile which clothes you used on a daily basis. Fold your clothes and place these in your almirah or in slabs.

Manage Cloths

B) Clean or change your room curtains:

This is New Year and for decorating your home with new trends you should replace your old curtain with new one or if you don’t want to buy then clean your curtain before installing it in your room.


C) Organize your bed:

Bed is a main focal point if we talk about bedroom so add a clean bedsheet and pillows. Make sure that the pattern of bedsheet and pillow are matching with curtain and handmade carpet.

D) Place a beautiful area rug:

The decoration of a room is never complete without using a “One of kind” handmade carpet. So clean your carpet and place it in front of your bed. If you don’t have carpet then buy a beautiful area rug from New Year rug collection and find it at a reasonable price.  

Area Rug

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