Decorating your home is an art. If you have a small room then don’t worry about that. You can follow these small and easy steps for giving a brand new look to your living area.

1) Clean your Living Room: - This is the beginning step for decorating your living area. First, remove all clutter and furniture from your living room. Then do deep cleaning, for example, paint your wall, clean ceiling area and remove furniture etc. If required then you can also wash the surface with detergent and water. After that, leave it for 1 hour and then start to decorate your room.

2) To begin with, start from the wall. Enhance the beauty of your wall by using these beautiful and inexpensive things which are available in various styles

A) Add beautiful Stickers: - This is a very easy method to decorate a living room wall. You have so many options for choosing perfect stickers. For example, if you want to decorate around a LED then you can select large size stickers such as a beautiful magical tree with flowers. You can also use butterflies wall stickers with one large sticker.   

Decorate LED

B) Add wall hanging carpet: - Handmade carpets always represent a unique beauty of a room. Choose a handmade silk carpet for wall hanging. It is subtle and has a very soft touch. Select the carpet color contrary to the wall color. This is very helpful to absorb the unwanted sounds and warm air especially, in summer.

C) Decorate with small and large mirrors: - Mirrors are very important for decorating your small place because due to mirrors, small places look like big places. You can install two large mirrors beside the furniture and you can also use a large circular mirror on the backside of your sofa. If you want then you can also add small mirrors in different shapes opposite the door and above the sofa. So these mirrors absorb the light which comes from the windows and reflects it in the whole room, thereby giving its a unique look.

Large Mirror

D) Add Artwork and wall paintings: - This is also a part of decorating your living area. You can add beautiful paintings according to your home interiors such as if you have traditional home interior then you can add some historical design paintings like a painting of Maharaja or Queens. You can also add a large painting which represents any war. If you have modern home interior then select contemporary, abstract design paintings like forest pattern etc.

3) Decorate your furniture: -This is the third steps for decorating a small and beautiful living room. First, clean your furniture or sofa with cotton cloth and decorate it with beautiful, rich colors and classic design pattern decorative pillows. Add extra pillows on the sofa. After that, decorate your table with putting flower pot with fresh flowers. You can also add some candles and other accessories.

Decorate Furniture

4) Decorate your ceiling area:- You should also decorate your ceiling area. You can use small and magnificent Chandelier. Add candle chandelier rather than simple chandelier and add different sizes of candle on it. 

5) Install handmade carpet on your floor:-  For decorating the surface, handmade carpets and dhurries are always a best option. Handmade carpets enhance the beauty of your floor. Handmade rugs contain various designs in several color combinations. A handmade carpet takes minimum 5-7 months for completing a single carpet. It has an intricate design pattern with small motifs. You can select hand-knotted carpets for your home according to the place and interior design. First, decide the interior design. If you have modern interior home then you can select contemporary, abstract, and geometrical pattern. If you have traditional interior home then you can select floral, Kashan, Qum, and Ardabil design pattern.

Hand knotted carpet

Hence, with the aforementioned ideas and tricks, one can be assured of a beautiful home with classic interior design. As we know, a beautiful handmade carpet beautifies the look and feel of a space and the same is an integral part of any home décor.