Cantilever refers to rigid structural element like a plate or beam anchored at only single end to the support from where it protrudes. It can even be a perpendicular connection to the vertical surface like the wall. Cantilever may also be built with slabs and trusses. No matter what the reason be, for installing driveway automatic gates, the overall purpose is to enhance the level of security and to improve the appearance. It is important to choose the right product to save time and money. In the cantilever gate, there is no use of any track and also the gate is supported by roller all the way from the driveway. The gate slides across the ‘midair’ or the driveway with no track.

Cantilever Gate

There are various benefits rendered by cantilever gates. Its installation may be done without causing any disruption or hindrance to the driveway. However, this kind of ease is not possible if you need to do concrete footing for the track gate. Cantilever gate may not be lifted while the track gate may be subjected to being lifted. Hence, there can be a sort of security breach when you are using track gate. The track gate can even cause issues to the operator drive system of the gate.

Track gate is cheaper most of the times but if the driveway is not leveled and if security is the main concern, it is better to use cantilever gate. A cantilever construction allows for overhanging structure without any need for external bracing. If you are looking to invest on sliding gates, cantilever gate will be the best option. They are durable, easy to install and easy to understand too. The gate can also ease the automation of sliding gate. It is great to know that cantilever kits are available in the market that may be used for DIY gate installation. They may be used in both commercial and residential property.

Secure Gate

Why to consider a Cantilever Gate?

There are many reasons why homeowners consider cantilever gates. The best part is that it does not require ground track to bump over your automobile. You also need not trip over it when you are on your feet. Apart from this, there is no need for excavating roadway. Even if there is uneven or sloping ground on the driveway, it does not matter. You can easily install them and the operation is much quieter than on-ground track system.

What Material to Choose for the Gate?

Previously it was wrought iron material, timber and steel that were used for the cantilever gate but now aluminum is becoming more popular. The cost of installation may get further reduced with the aluminum material. The material of the gate may reduce the cost of cantilever gate in a significant manner. For example, if you choose solid hardwood, the cost of wood will be almost double the installation charges. There will be the need of heavy duty gate operator which also will increase the costs. The material must be chosen accordingly.

Material of Gate

Get in Touch with The Best Installer

The gate manufacturer, the supplier of the gate can get you in touch with the installer. There are suppliers who offer attractive discounts on installation of cantilever gates to the buyers. Before you buy any gate consider your lifestyle. The durability and the material of the gate must be in accordance with the number of times the gate is used. Apart from the installer, do consider the kind of access system. It is better to choose the access system which operates on remote control.

Whether you are choosing cantilever gate or any other kind of gate for instance, you must always look for additional features. You may need additional access systems, the keypads and intercoms. They may be installed along with the gate.

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