Do you want to bring a touch of coastal warmth to your home this summer? Well, here’s a perfect interior design style for your space—just go Mediterranean! This style is a fan favorite in countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece and is often also known as “Spanish modern”. One of the best things about this style is its flexibility: it can range from very formal to very functional and very casual, so it’s perfect for all sorts of homes. On the outside, a Mediterranean home is equipped with large windows and low-pitched roofs which is a perfect design for warmer climates. But it’s on the inside where this style hides its best attributes. So, if you want to bless your home with some Mediterranean charm, here are some décor hacks that will transport you to the sunny coast in a blink of an eye.

Natural colors : 

If you only want to change one thing about your home, make it your paint. The key to bringing the Mediterranean vibe to your space is natural colors, no matter if on walls or in fabrics and furniture. Nature is a huge part of the Mediterranean style, so turn to the sea, sky, sun, and land for the color inspiration. If you create a good color palette for your space, you can feel like you’re on a sunny coast of Spain even if you’re in cold Canada! Try to adopt warm terracotta tones or crisp white for your walls, and lime or lavender for accessories. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your home!

Patterns and textures:

Textures and patterns are a huge part of Mediterranean culture and tradition. People living around this big sea are very bold and creative without any restrictions when it comes to adorning their homes with textures and patterns. They love to apply them everywhere, from their walls to their carved furniture and interesting textiles.

If you’re really devoted to creating a proper Mediterranean look in your home, make sure to replicate its detailed textures. Luckily, paint manufacturers offer all kinds of kits, plasters, molds, and applications that allow you to create intricate patterns in your home.

Sturdy furniture:

While the Mediterranean people are free and lively, they do love a sense of stability in some parts of their lives. So, when it comes to your furniture, make sure to go solid, durable and sturdy—ideally, choose something made of wood or wrought iron. Add extra warmth and comfort to these pieces with a touch of bronze present in figurines, candle holders or chandeliers. However, you can also create a good contrast with your heavy furniture and keep your window treatment light to ensure plenty of sun and air is welcomed to your home. Think white or cream curtains which are very simple yet effective.

Handmade accessories:

If you’re a traveler or a collector, we have some good news for you. Mediterranean homes are the best place to display your collection of pottery, your artisan culinary sets and any other handmade accessory. Introduce some beautifully crafted coastal cushions as part of your furniture selection so as to complete the dreamy Mediterranean design. They will not only boost comfort in your space but also make it look more carefully curated. The mixture of careful artistry and textures will give your space a wonderful touch that will make your home look unique, relaxing and interesting.


Soft rugs:

Every Mediterranean home needs rugs. They add softness, warmth, texture, and color to your space, but besides their cute look, they also serve a very practical purpose—they can hide your outdated floors. So, if you don’t want to replace your old tiles and something more popular like hardwood, grab a beautiful rug! Also, rugs come in all imaginable colors, patterns, and textures, so you’ll surely find something to fit your Mediterranean vibe.

Creative mosaics:

Interior and exterior mosaics can be used to create a very fun and exotic vibe for your home. In Mediterranean style homes, mosaics are often employed in kitchens, hallways, around mirrors and pools. Long story short, you can use your creativity to give any corner of your home that needs some colors and vibrancy.

Rustic vibe:

Mediterranean-inspired homes are very playful, but they oftentimes tend to feel quite rustic. Think beams for ceilings, vintage tiles, wooden accessories, handmade items and so on. This look is very welcoming and relaxing which is something people in the Mediterranean are famous for.


If you’re in for some bigger renovations and don’t mind knocking down some walls, make sure to incorporate arches into your home. Arched doors and windows have that pleasant and romantic vibe while letting plenty of warm sunshine inside and providing great ventilation for your home.

No matter if you’re leaning towards the blue crispness of the Greek islands or are more attracted to vibrant textiles of Morocco, the Mediterranean style will look amazing in your home and give you plenty of space to experiment with design and customize your home.

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