Decorating your living space is in itself an art. It’s not like placing different pieces of furniture together or just painting the walls of a certain color. It’s much more than all of this. Interior Design is a concept that brings together the best of everything in one space. The Interiors of a space must be aesthetically appealing and practical in functionality.  One crucial thing to keep in mind is that the décor of your space should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Moreover, designing the area in a certain fashion is not suffice. What’s more important is that the décor makes your space appear larger than it actually is and doesn’t look cluttered.

Admittedly, in the overall scheme of things, there are several factors that influence the entire design of the space. To begin with, the architectural structure of the space must be designed in a practical yet tasteful fashion. It can be a bit tedious to decide whilst choosing the overall theme of the space. There are several options available; right from modern/ contemporary look to French country and traditional.

The first thing one should do is measure the space and place order of furniture etc. accordingly. There is nothing more horrible than picking an over sized or undersized sofa. It is advised that one should always begin with the walls and flooring. Light, neutral toned walls are highly recommended since they are easy to complement with the rest of the interiors. As far as the flooring of the space is concerned, one can either go in for an Italian marble look or wooden flooring amongst several others.

After completing the basics, one of the most important foundations of the space is a good quality handmade rug. A carpet should be well suited to match the overall theme of the space. It surely defines the look and feel of the area and provides extra panache to the existing space.

To conclude, other important accessories to decorate your space are lamps, paintings, decorative accents etc. Every little thing you place in your space becomes an integral part of your home décor.

Happy Decorating!