Timber is most widely used the material in doors. However, customers need to still keep certain points in mind before making a choice. A timber door that is made of freshly cut timber looks shiny and is very hard by nature. Along with this, the door should be preferably dark in color.  Now you can easily decorate your home with some timber door and place a beautiful handmade area rug in front of the door and you can also customize these doors as per your needs. You can hire some carpenters to fix the door in your home or you can also buy some readymade timber door in this regards.


What are the benefits of timber doors?

#1. Elasticity, durability, and defects

Timber doors should be able to resist fungi, chemicals, different kinds of insects, and extreme conditions of weather. One more factor that should keep in mind is the elasticity of the timber doors. They are considered to be of good quality if they return to their original shape after the load causing deformation is removed.

#2. Fire resistance, hardness, and smell

When looking for timber doors, the prospective customer should choose dense wood because it offers excellent resistance to fire. Along with this, the timber should be hard and smell good. If the timber doors are soft and give out an unpleasant odor, it is most likely that the doors are undergoing decay. If the wood is hard, then the timber doors can resist shocks that are produced due to vibration. Most of the timber doors can easily resist fire and moisture, and you need to laminate these doors with some solution to make them fire resistant only.

#3. Workability

The timber used for the doors should be easily workable. For example, if some part of the door needs to be modified in the future, the carpenter modifying the parts of the door and you do not need to replace the door frame and full door. For the timber doors to be considered of good quality the teeth of the saw should not get stuck in the wood.

Decorative Door

Mechanical wear and uniformity of the structure

Timber doors are of good quality if they do not show good mechanical wear and tear under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Along with this, the timber doors are of good quality and you can get best longevity from these doors. Apart form that, you can also repair the doors as per your needs and save your maintenance cost. You do not need to spend any additional cost for maintenance purpose of these timber doors and you can easily install them by some experienced professional.

Why would you choose the timber doors?

After reading the above-mentioned points, it is clear that customers should look at a number of points before selecting the right kind of timber doors. People who are looking to build a self-made project especially need to consider all these points.


  • Timber doors and windows offer better resale value when compared to the other types of doors.
  • All timber doors are more eco-friendly when compared to the other types of doors.
  • Timber doors are known to actually reduce the global warming potential of households. In other words, timber doors reduce the overall content of COin the atmosphere.
  • In most of the tests, it has been discovered that doors made of timber have twice the shelf life of the other types of doors.

Based on all the points mentioned above, it is clear why timber is the preferred material for doors and windows. Go ahead and choose the best timber doors to improve the look, quality, and resale value of the house. Now you can buy these timber doors from online portals and you can also contact the manufacturers from their official website for buying customized timber doors.