If you think that only indoor parts are important as compared to outdoor parts of your home then this is not true. You can create a good impression by decorating your outdoor patio. There are so many ways to decorate a patio or verandah. You can change your mood by sitting in your verandah by enjoying summer, winter and rainy seasons. Here I am going to tell you some ideas which you can apply for decorating your patio according to your home interiors.

1)  Go with Modern or Contemporary Style: - 

If you have a modern or contemporary style home interior then you can follow this simple idea for decorating your home patio. There are three main ways to do the same:

a)  Tiles: -You should use waterproof tiles for an outdoor patio. The best would be to use Glazed Ceramic tiles. These tiles are waterproof and highly durable.

b)  Install a handmade dhurrie: - Now, this is the first step for decorating a patio. If you want then you can use a handmade carpet but in the wool material. Never use a handmade silk carpet for a patio because silk carpets are very expensive and exclusive. Handmade silk carpets are ideal for the bedroom and living room or we can say that for less traffic area. If you want then you can use a woolen carpet because a woolen carpet is less expensive as compared to a silk carpet. Woolen carpets are hand washable so you can wash it easily but according to my opinion hand weaved dhurries are the best for an outdoor patio. Handwoven durries are very thin as compared to handmade carpets and you can easily maintain it. Handmade dhurries are also available in various sizes and So So, you can select according to use choice. These are less expensive as compared to the handmade carpets.

c)  Furniture: - You can use modern style furniture which is made in wooden with contemporary designs.

d)  Lighting: - Add two table lamps beside the furniture

e)  Add Pillows: - Add some extra decorative pillows on the furniture but make sure that the theme or color combination is in accordance with the carpets.

Modern Patio design

2)  Go with Nature:

This is the second option. If you love to decorate your outdoor patio with greenish nature then you can follow this idea

A)  Add some plants: - You can add some plants near your verandah and also add a flower pot with fresh flowers on your table. You can also add some vegetables, which have small plants in a row or in the zigzag pattern. Add some climber tree, which will cover your ceiling area or roof area.

B)  Add furniture: - You can use chairs which are woven in jute or grass material to complete the overall look of the space.

C)  Add Hemp or jute dhurrie: - For decorating your floor area, you can use a hemp rug or wool and jute dhurrie.

Natural patio design

3)  Go with traditional style: -

You can use a Victorian style for decorating your outdoor patio. Add some flowers close to your furniture and put the furniture on a traditional woolen carpet. You can use stylish furniture which gives a traditional look. You can also add a hammock if you want. During the day, there is natural lighting, however, in the evening and at night one can use traditional style outdoor chandeliers or lighting with lamp posts. 

Traditional patio design

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