Decorating a home for your child on his birthday is a very exciting task. If you can then clean and decorate your entire room in a proper way otherwise decorate those places where you think that you can give a bigsurprises to him / her like bedroom, dining room, living room and also that particular place where you want to celebrate his birthday party. First, I am going to tell you about how you can decorate the bedroom and make his/ her morning special.

1) Decorate the bedroom: - This is the best way to give an awesome surprise to your loving child. Decorate the bedroom before he / she wakeup. Children love balloons. So use a huge amount of balloons for decorating your home in different colors. You can use flying gas balloons for the bedroom. Take many flying gas balloons and leave in the bedroom so that these balloons can stick or stop on the ceiling area. Use small photos and bind the same with yarn of balloons. Use a handmade carpet for the surface decoration. Choose the carpet design which contains animal or is bird related. Also spread the balloons on the floor.

Bedroom For Birthday 

2) Decorate the dining room: - This is the second place where you can give a beautiful surprise to your child:  Use a big candle which represents the age of your child. Use fringes and stick on the ceiling in decorative way. Cook favourite food of your child and surprise him with presents.

 Decorative Dining Table

3) Decorating the living room: - This is a place where children spend much time. So you should decorate it. Clean the window, furniture and surface area. Remove extra things from living room. Add a beautiful handmade rug in your living room and put table on it. Add some flowers and balloons in it. This will fill up the space and make it look even more special.

4) Decorating the place where you want to celebrate the birthday of your child: - Finally, it’s time to decorate your hall area or that place where you want to celebrate your loving child’s birthday. Prepare the cake according to the number of people. Use fringes and colourful cloths to decorate it. Bind the cloths to the ceiling area. One end of cloth should be on the border of ceiling and the other end in the centre ceiling. Bind five balloons together and hang in the centre of ceiling. Use a happy birthday poster and stick it on the wall. There are so many things which you can do. Don’t forget to invite best friends of your child. Also invite the one’s which are very close to your child like favourite uncle, aunty or brother. 

Decorative Hall

5) Create a photo gallery: - A child will like to see that how he grows up. So you can create a photo gallery on the wall of your room. Add the photos from the birth of your child till now. You can also add some memories which you spend with your child. The image when he gone to school at first time. 

Child Birthday Pics

So these above things you can use for making your child birthday special and memorable.