We all have those housewares that bring us joy every time we see them, from that painting you picked up while traveling after college to a set of funny dishtowels in the kitchen. However, there’s one item that can tie virtually any room together in an instant: a beautiful handmade rug. Whether you live in a farmhouse in the country or a high-riseluxury condo, the right rug can add personality to any room. Creating the exact ambiance you’ve been eager to cultivate is easy when you have a great rug to start with; in fact, building around your favorite floor coverings can help you create a well-thought out a vision for your entire design scheme. If you have the perfect rug but are having a hard time imagining how it will bring your home together, take these tips into consideration as you decorate:  

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns: Just because you’re decorating around a patterned rug doesn’t mean the rest of your design has to be minimalist. Patterned rugs, whether they’re bright floral, geometric designs, or classic Persian rugs, can play nicely with other prints, too. If you’re working with a lovely Persian rug, don’t go too bold with your wall color or pattern — heavily patterned wallpaper in similar tones will be dizzying when combined with the rug’s strong print. Instead, stick to stripes or subtle floral. If you’re working with a more modern geometric-patterned rug, opt for patterned pieces that complement the style, like curtains with a bold stripe or a similar geometric print, but in a smaller size.

Floral Carpet

Use accessories to pick up on your rug’s color: While going too matchy-matchy can make any room feel instantly smaller, using accessories to complement the colors in your rug can make the room look magazine-worthy. If there’s a border around your rug, choose accessories, like vases and lamps that pick up on it for a pulled-together look that doesn’t look forced.

Off-set a vintage piece with ultra-modern décor: A beautiful vintage rug can be a real showstopper, but many amateur designers fall into the trap of trying to create the rest of the room’s décor to match it. Instead, try juxtaposing some ultra-modern pieces against your antique piece. Rather than going full high Victorian with velvet chaises lounges and Rococo-inspired ornamentation, minimalist furniture, simple lighting, and even raw, rustic design pieces can beautifully complement a vintage rug without overwhelming the room.

 Traditional Carpet

Pick textiles in complementary tones: If your rug is in a room with other textiles, it’s important to make sure that they complement each other to avoid a pattern and color overload. If your rug’s main hue is red, try adding a throw blanket to your bed with a red border, or purchase striped curtains with a hint of red in them.

 Play around with size and shape: Don’t let a rug’s size or shape limit how you design your room. If you’ve fallen in love with a small rug that won’t do much to cover your floor, try putting it on top of a larger neutral-toned rug. Similarly, if you have a circular rug in your room, that doesn’t mean you have to arrange your furniture around it; using it as an accent piece instead of the room’s centerpiece can open up the room’s design potential.    

Hand knotted carpet

 The right rug can tie together your home in an instant. Whether you’re a connoisseur of kilims or deeply attached to‘70s shag, picking the right pieces to complement your rug can create the serene and cohesive design scheme you’ve been dreaming of.