A bedroom is a place where you sleep, relax and think. So you should keep it clean and change the entire look of your bedroom. Here are some great ways to decorate your bedroom without spending so much money.

1) Clean your room: - Before starting to rearrange your accessories, you have to clean your room and vacuum it. First, remove all the furniture and rug from your bedroom and vacuum it. If you are not able to remove furniture then you can use sweeps and clean the area of your bed and the corners of the room. This will give you a blank slate to work with.

2) Remove unnecessary clutters: - This is very important to remove unnecessary clutter from your bedroom such as unusable clothes and other accessories. You can sell those items that you no longer use, or that no longer suit your taste or style or denote them to a charity center.

Empty Room

3) Start to decorate with existing accessories: - If you don’t have much money for buying new things then you can begin to decorate your bedroom with existing accessories or you can also modify those in a new style. For example, if you have any plain bed or table then you can modify it in stylish bed or table. You can repaint it in new color according to your room theme. The theme is a collection of style, color combination, and interior design. You can paint your bed in dark and solid color for the modern look. If you love vintage and country-chick looks then you can paint your bed in base color and add a second coat of crackle effect paint to get that weathered look.

4)  Make a focal point and decorate your wall: - Every room needs a focal point. Sometimes the bed is the focal point; sometimes a beautiful arranging of pillows makes a focal point. There are so many things which you can make a focal point. Your wall can also make an eye-catching point if you use the perfect color according to your interior. For decorating a wall, you can add small accessories like butterflies stickers, some favorite pictures, art gallery, Photo grid etc on your wall. You can also add mirrors in different shapes like small mirrors in diamond, rectangle, circle, oval shape and arrange these in a heart shape on the wall. You can also choose a large mirror with beautiful frame and put it close to your wall. If you have a small room, consider painting your walls one color, and leaving the ceiling white. This will make your room look bigger. You can also make any art on your walls like any flower or something like this.

area durry

5) Use the right lighting: - Decorating a room using fancy lights come in different shape and sizes. If your room has white or light-colored walls, choose lights with a white or clear wire. If your room has darker-colored walls, choose colorful (green, Pink, Blue) lights with a clear wire.

6) Add some pillows, handmade durries in your bedroom: -Pillows are the best thing to provide the coziness to your bed. Add some extra pillow for giving a luxurious look to your room. Best Quality handmade dhurries are the best way to decorate your floor especially handmade durries. It provides a rich look to your room and also protects your feet from the hard surface and give a soft touch. Handmade durries are made in many varieties like cotton, wool, and wool jute and also in other fabrics but cotton flat-woven dhurrie and wool is best for the bedroom.