Decorating a home is certainly not an easy task or a child’s play. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Imagine when an architect lays the foundation of a home brick by brick, it definitely is a cumbersome task. There are various types of home décor looks one can go in for without spending a bomb. Some of the most popular looks are:

Modern Design Home Décor

Traditional Home Décor

Bohemian Look

Classic All White Look

Simplistic Home Décor Look

All White Interiors

Pic: All White Interior Decor

However, with the aforementioned home décor looks, we can certainly bring about a new look to the interiors of our house. But the key question is how does one go about it without burning a hole in the pocket. A lot of stores can rip a customer off by charging almost double for something that doesn’t really cost that much. Rugs and Beyond spoke to a few interior design experts and this is what we have compiled:

a) Go Simple

There is no better way to decorate a house than going simple. We all have heard that less is more and de-cluttering a space makes the area look expansive and clean. We suggest using fewer decorative accents for a living room and remove all unwanted stuff that has been laying there aimlessly for years. Also, including a featured wall will certainly do the trick and add oomph to the entire space.

b) Amplify the Look

Using high definition mirrors and glasswork magnifies the overall look of the space and makes it appear even bigger than it already is. Use of decorative mirrors in different shapes and sizes provides an amplified look to the whole living area. Buying a mirror is not expensive and requires little budget and one can easily make the room look like a million bucks without spending too much.


c) Use Florals

After every summer is Autumn and after every winter is spring. Why not use floral design patterns in sofa upholstery or in curtain designs to bring out that pleasant look and add that freshness to the interiors of your home décor. Our interior designers also suggest that by using floral design home décor accessories, the entire look of the living space is enlivened.

d) Get a New Rug

What better way to decorate your space than throwing in a gorgeous, inexpensive handmade rug or carpet. A durry or a low pile kilim is a great idea to use to cover up that bare floor and make it look complete. We wouldn’t really recommend using silk carpets if one is looking to decorate within a limited budget. Silk carpets are made in the purest silk material and are high end. It takes couple of months to weave a silk rug. On the other hand, modern rugs are also a great choice for those who have a limited budget in designing their new homes.

Hence, with the above mentioned ideas, tips and tricks, one can certainly decorate a home by spending less and not burning a hole in their pocket. 

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