A room can be small or big, it doesn’t matter if you decorate it in a good manner. You can bring charm and add uniqueness to your room by applying some small changes. So let’s make a plan for decorating your home with a low budget. If you really want to transform your home to a beautiful home then follow these small steps and make a big change in your home.

1) Plan according to time: - When we talk about cleaning and decorating our home then most of the people think that it will take a full day but this is not true if you properly plan before decorating. Firstly, calculate how much time you have and divide the total time according to the rooms. For example, for a big room, it takes about one hour whereas small room takes 40 minutes.

2) Remove unnecessary clutters :-First remove all useless things and pack it in a box. Remove furniture and small things like a watch, pen stand, flowerpot etc. from the room. Also, remove curtain and carpets. If you have heavy furniture and are not able to move it, you can use a narrow broom for cleaning the corner. Now sweep the whole room with the broom especially the hidden corners. If you want then you can also use water and detergent for wash floor area. After that, let it dry. Place the carpet in the room and other small accessories also. Before placing the carpet, you have to ensure that carpets are clean. Put the furniture on the carpet in the room.

Wall hanging 

3) Decorate Your home:- When you have finished the cleaning part of your home, now it is time to decorate the home. If you have money and want to spend on decorating your home then there are so many beautiful ideas to do so. But if you don’t have enough money then doesn’t be upset. Add beautiful small accents to your home for bringing charms.

(A) Decorate ceiling part of your home:- You can decorate your ceiling part by adding small lighting Chandelier in hall or living room because if we talk about home decoration then living room is the most important room where the guest, friends are spending more time. You can also paint your ceiling part with light blue color and white color in around of the ceiling fan.

(B) Decorate your wall -: Now the second step is to decorate your wall. You can repaint your wall according to your choice. You can select color according to colors feature. For example, blue colors represent calm, Red color encourages you, Pink color represents love and understanding. You can also use beautiful hand paintings, wall arts. If you like then make a grid of your family and hang on the wall. You can also make any wall art on the wall. Add some butterflies, cartoons stickers on the wall. Add wall shelves on the wall. You can also add handmade silk carpet for the wall hanging.

Home decoare carpet

(C) Decorate your surface area:- Now it’s time to decorate the last part of the home. So decorate your surface with beautiful handmade carpets. You can buy it online. If you already have handmade carpets then you have to clean it before placing it in the room. If you don’t have a carpet and are not able to buy new carpet then you can also buy online cheap rug area. Handmade dhurries are the best substitute for handmade carpets. So you can use these One of a kind, beautiful durries.