Keeping your home clean and organized isn’t easy, especially if you have children or entertain lots of guests. All of them bring in outside dirt without even realizing it, so you have to find a way to clean your carpets efficiently and easily. Therefore, here are a few carpet cleaning tips that might help you do so.

Cleaning of carpet

Vacuuming 2.0

This is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning, and it’s easy to understand why – vacuum cleaners have been in our lives since early 20th century and are the best way to remove the dust from your carpets. However, simply vacuuming isn’t the same as effectively cleaning your carpets because you have to know how to use them to get maximum results. First of all, set your vacuum to the right height to get the most of it – too low and it might damage the carpet, too high and it won’t collect all the dirt. Also, learn how to clean, change or replace bags and filters unless you want to vacuum for hours instead of minutes. Finally, don’t do this too often if you want your carpets to stay newer for a longer period of time – once a week is quite enough for most homes.

Vacuum cleaning

Going professional

If you can’t get rid of all your stains by vacuuming, hire a professional. These people usually use more powerful solutions such as dry extraction cleaning and steam cleaning that make a great difference on your carpet. Of course, you don’t have to do this too frequently, so three or four times a year might be quite enough. Alternatively, try using a steam cleaner on your own and save some money that way.

Removing stains

Carpet cleaning powders and shampoos are the most effective way to get rid of persistent carpet stains – these not only remove current stains, but also make your carpets more resistant towards new ones. There’s a difference between powders and shampoos, but you can basically use whichever is more affordable since the results are usually the same, as well as the time and energy you invest in the cleaning. However, some people prefer dry carpet cleaning over wet and hence opt for powders instead of shampoos and soaps.

Using natural products

No matter how eco-friendly you are, you might want to try out natural carpet cleaning products instead of the ones you usually use. You probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen, so you won’t have to spend money on them. Items like borax, baking soda, tonic water, vinegar, and salt are inexpensive yet highly efficient solutions that keep your carpets clean and our planet green. You can also try making more complex carpet cleaning products on your own – these guarantee great results and can be used more often than store-bought products.

Handmade Carpet

Focusing on the entrance

Not that many people realize that your home would be much cleaner if you and your guests brought in less dirt from the outside. Therefore, using doormats is one of the best preventive ideas out there, so invest some money into these. However, be sure to learn how to clean your protective outdoor mats and how you can make them work for you in the years to come. These mats should be swept, vacuumed, and washed regularly, as well as scraped for dirt as often as possible.

Other tips

Some of the other carpet cleaning tips include taking care of persistent stains that have to be cleaned over and over again, as well removing sticky things like gum from your carpet. As soon as you learn these tricks, your home will be cleaner and more welcoming than ever.


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