When the long, cold winter comes, your bedroom should be a warm, cozy place for reading novels and finding relaxation. Of course, it doesn't mean you should do a full makeover of the room for just a couple of months. A few simple changes can create a completely different impression of the bedroom and make every winter night magical. Here's how:

1. Clever use of pillows

If you want to feel the presence of winter in the bedroom, it's easy to achieve by choosing the right fabrics for the pillows, including cable knit, fur and velvet. The richer the texture on the pillow, the better the feeling of winter will be, and the more textures and pillows around the bedroom - the better place for cozy hibernation it becomes.

2. Several sources of warm lighting

You need to make up for the missing daylight during winter, so have several light sources around the bedroom. Try to achieve a glow that will create the impression of a room illuminated from within. A dimmer switch is a must, especially if the lightbulbs are incandescent, bringing warm, gentle light. If you want to step it up, try with a multi-bulb lighting fixture on the ceiling, for example, a chandelier, put a couple of candles on the nightstand and enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

3. Wintery details

A room can be uplifted by just a few carefully chosen details. Metallic and glass ornaments spread around the room or hanging from the ceiling by a satin ribbon - there aren't a lot of things that are more elegant than that. Another possibility is to bring in scented candles with typically winter smells, such as cinnamon and pine, or leaving rosemary and sliced oranges in the room for a heavenly smell.

4. Use flannel

Nothing gives you a better night's sleep than flannel sheets. With its fluffy surface excellent for keeping in the heat, flannel is also divinely soft. Linen and cotton sheets are a good choice for summer, but flannel is definitely made for a cuddle on long winter nights.

5. The right winter palette

Whether it's the walls or the color of the bedspread, some colors are just perfect for winter. Ecru, a creamy off-white color, is very popular, both with painting professionals and in furniture stores, as it is very relaxing and matches well with warmer colors, but it also helps to accentuate the natural light in the room. Cranberry is also a popular color - it gives the impression of excitement and luxury and is excellent for decorative objects that serve as centerpieces. Champagne is also a frequently chosen color, not only because it reminds us of this beautiful drink that we enjoy on New Year's Eve but also because there's something festive and elegant about it.

6. Plaid bedspread

There's something about a red or green plaid - it's a classic, but you can't ever get enough of it. It's adaptable to almost any type of holiday and it gives the room the so-needed warmth. If you think a plaid bedspread is too much, then just use plaid fabric for pillows or for covering the armchair.

7. Put in a carpet or a rug

Bare floors are pretty common for bedrooms, but you need the warmth during winter. Not to mention the fact that it's just boring to have just plain wood to look at. Put a handmade rug anywhere you can - in front of the bed and next to each of the sides of the bed, put a small one in front of the armchair or under the coffee table or the nightstand.

8. Pay attention to the windows

Windows are the border between the cold outside and the warmth in our homes, so make sure they are properly insulated - consider installing high-quality blinds or adding simple and cozy curtains that will also complete the overall look of the bedroom.

9. Turn the mattress

Flipping or rotating the mattress every season is often recommended by most mattress manufacturers. When you flip the mattress together with adding new sheets, you'll think you're sleeping in a completely new bed.

10. Control the temperature

Extra heating elements in the bedroom will make a big difference, especially if you live in a region known for harsh winters. The room will be heated much faster that way, allowing you a comfortable sleep.

All in all

If you make an effort to use at least couple of these tips, you'll notice how winter can be beautiful and relaxing, especially if you're enjoying it from the comfort of your cozy bedroom.

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