How can Glass Balustrades be the Center of Attention for your House?

Balustrade may sound like an alien word to many who have not dipped their nose in all about architectural design of any house. There are people for whom glass balustrades may not look familiar although they might have spot the design while passing by an elaborate patio of a house standing down the street just a few blocks away. If you are among those folks who don’t know what to call a structure that is made of steel poles. The only thing that comes to your mind when you see them is how surprisingly it enhances the overall beauty of any staircase and maintains the safety as you climb the stairs.

Glass Work

Balustrades can be installed for both safety as well as for improving the appearance of the building. Both domestic and commercial buildings can be embellished with the help of thoughtfully designed balustrade. Here in the following discussion, you will come closer to understanding the role of glass balustrades in your house, their installation tactics and its different unknown aspects.

What is balustrade?

Balustrades are simply an organized series of architectural posts arranged elegantly and supported with top and bottom railings. Balusters can have different shapes and sizes to match unique design 

requirements and create variety. You can find them in straights or curves on stairways, porches and balconies.

Despite the fact that balustrades are made to provide safety measure to climbers when they step up the stairs, they are now installed because of their modern architectural value and sense of attraction it adds to your property. Their contemporary look has added more to its structure than its original need for creating a strong barrier.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are often found in form of balcony barrier or stairway. You might have seen a homeowner standing in their house’s balcony, bending over a glass balustrade with a cup of coffee in the morning as you jog by. It does capture your attention, doesn’t it?

Glass balustrades can be installed in different placed around a building. Glass has the reputation of not being a safe material especially because it shatters and causes injury. But due to modern technology, tough glass materials are now available for making a viable building parts.


Types of glass balustrades

Mostly, balustrades made of glass are available in three types:

-  Frameless

-  Semi-framed

-  Fully framed

What you choose depends on how you want your house to look. All these glass balustrades are not so much different except when considering the decorative perspective.

Pros of glass balustrades

-  If you pick high quality glass material for balustrade structure, they will last longer and don’t cost you a lot for its maintenance. Such balustrades reflect style, exuberance and transparency.

-  Another beneficial feature offered by glass balustrade is that it allows you to wipe it clean and make it look all new all the time.

-  Glass balustrade design is also a cost-effective option for homeowners. Whether it is office or home, having it beautifully installed will definitely enhance the value of the property.

- You don’t have to worry much when it comes to maintaining the shine and spotlessness of glass. Glass balustrades have attractive finish and style and looks aesthetically pleasant.

-  Due to toughened glass material, you can build a glass balustrade for your balcony or porch or stairway without compromising on strength and longevity expected of it.

So, if you think and are positive about installing glass balustrade, you can go online to find out the most reputable glass balustrade builders who can take a look at your house and recommend awe-inspiring structural design. 

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