One often wonders if there are inexpensive floor covering options to decorate the house and to spruce up the interior of a living room or bedroom. A durry is most ideal for such types of floor ideas, which would provide a finished, look to the overall space of a room.

But what exactly is a durry? A durry or dhurry is a flat weave rug which is basically a low-pile floor covering. It is often made in cotton or wooln. There are various designs like geometrical, floral etc. which exude a modern/contemporary look and make the space attractive and more appealing. The designs are often created by interweaving colored weft threads through the warp threads. The weft is usually wool and the warp is usually in cotton.

durry one

One of the biggest USP’s of handmade durries are that they are reversible. Often used on either side, these rugs are known for their versatility and style. Some of the most common and popular designs and colors are in pastel tones like baby pink, powder blue etc.  Such pieces can also be used as a decorative floor covering indoors and outdoors.  Rugs and Beyond has a huge variety of cotton and woolen durries in eclectic designs and patterns. The beauty is that each piece is One of a Kind and exudes a sophisticated look to the overall look and appearance of the home décor.

3 advantages of a Handmade Durry 

1)   Light Weight

One of the biggest USP of handmade durry is that they are lightweight and easy to maintain. If one doesn’t require spreading a durry, one can easily roll it and store the same.  Such dhurries can also be used outdoors and one doesn’t have to worry about the same getting spoilt by moths or insects. They are conducive for high traffic areas, are washable and easy to maintain.

durry two

2)   Inexpensive

Investing in a handmade carpet can cost an arm and a leg.  However, on the other hand, a durry is pretty inexpensive and due to this one can change these pieces on a regular basis. Woolen durries are less expensive than cotton durries.

3)   Modern and Contemporary Look

Durries provide a modern and contemporary look to any space they are placed in. The bright, vibrant pastel colors add panache to a living space and are perfect for today’s home design interiors.

Hence, with a plethora of options, a durry or dhurry is a great choice for today’s modern design interiors.