Are you always on the lookout for some fun and frugal ways to update your space? If yes, here’s something that will get you itching to redecorate! This year, it’s time to tackle your kitchen and add some boldness and vibrancy to your space without spending too much money. Pick a few of these fun ideas and get redecorating today.

Add wallpaper

Do you want to achieve a real transformation without spending too much money and time on your kitchen makeover? How about grabbing some wallpaper! You can literally put these up in a few hours and get a completely fresh and fun space.

Add wallpaper

From florals to geometrics, you can find all types of wallpaper that will fit any sort of kitchen design. Want to make it even more fun and unique? Instead of sticking wallpaper to your walls, tackle your cabinets and create a very effective look that will leave everyone in awe!

Soften up the space with a rug

Rugs in the kitchen? Hell, yes! They are a perfect addition to any space that lacks warmth and color, so why not place them in your kitchen? Rugs are easy to clean and move when you need to scrub your kitchen, but they are also quite cheap, especially if you choose to go really small. Go monochrome for a gorgeous color blocking effect or opt for patterns that will make your kitchen look fun and warm.

Create a fun backsplash

For hundreds of years, people used backsplashes to add style and color to their kitchens, so why not do the same? Luckily, today you don’t have to buy expensive decorative tiles to create intricate mosaic backsplashes.

Create a fun backsplash

You can simply opt for plain subway tiles ($2 per square foot) and give them a fun and unique look with a quality permanent marker that will hold up very well. Let your imagination fly and give your backsplash a makeover that will turn your kitchen from Meh to Amazing. From intricate geometric designs to polka dots to doodles and rainbow effects, markers allow you to completely personalize your space without breaking your bank!

Add fun storage

You can never have too much storage in the kitchen, right? So, why not turn your storage into a fun focal point in your space? Grab some rustic boards or reclaim some old wood and turn them into floating shelves above your sink. Display your best dishes, pans and glasses or make them a place for your herb garden. Either way, you’ll spend very little money and get a beautiful yet useful addition to your kitchen.

Spice it up with colorful stools

If you want to add both style and functionality to your kitchen, spice up your seating and add color to your kitchen with repainted stools. You can find metal stools for only a few dollars at yard sales or grab a set at your local home center. With only a few supplies, you can give them a fresh new color that will revive your tired kitchen. For a fun look, you can go with a rainbow effect by painting every stool a different color!

Decorate with plates

Hit your local thrift store or a yard sale and grab a few decorative plates to add some cheap art to your kitchen.

Spice it up with colorful stools

And you don’t even have to drill any holes in your walls! You can stick your plates to the wall with removable strips or grab some cheap plate hangers.

Light it up

Kitchens can always use more light, so don’t hesitate to light up your kitchen with some practical and cheap fixtures. For instance, hanging pendants are more popular than ever, so don’t hesitate to introduce them to your kitchen. They come in a variety of shapes and colors yet they are mostly cost-effective. You can even choose those gorgeous Edison bulbs that are decorative even when you leave them bare. Or you can employ your DIY skills and give them a fun hand-made shade for only a few dollars. Find some interesting items to upcycle and you’ll get a wonderful focal point in your kitchen.  

Kitchens don’t have to be white-on-white in order to be practical and stylish! You can show off your love for color with these design tips and still have a perfectly practical kitchen filled with warmth and fun. Soon all your friends will try to copy your eclectic and quirky kitchen.