International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s with the first “National Women’s Day” held in the United States in 1909 before women even had the right to vote.

We can absolutely say that they are multi-talented, collaborators and community center. Women have special qualities. In a general way, we can say that women rank higher than men in any industry. There are a plethora of women who are successful in their fields and have risen to the top with hard work and persistence.

Women in Carpet Industries-:

Women in a rural area also earn money by working in the carpet industries. Yes, they are women weavers. In carpet industry, there are so many jobs for women like weaving, finishing, binding, dying, sampling etc.

There are many companies which provide jobs for the rural area where the family member are not allowed to do the job on another side.

 womens day

Yes, we believe in the power of women and uplifting one woman at a time. We encourage women empowerment by supporting and providing them a platform to show their talent. We have the largest inventory of all types of handmade rugs- Kashmir Silk Rugs, Wool Rugs, Persian Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Kilim Rugs, Antiques, and Modern Carpets. Carpets are the high demanded product for home décor. They provide more opportunity to villagers women. Rugs and Beyond works with a network of 15,000 weavers including 9000 women and takes responsibility to bind them all with a common thread of love and compassion. They give the opportunities to women for growth and development. So they are engaged in motivating and supporting her children to complete their formal education.

We concentrate on pursuing unemployed and unskilled women living in rural villages and provide training in the craft of rug weaving. Once a woman is an expert as a working artisan, she gets an opportunity to work with us. In this way, they earn an economic independence, working from home.    

They are various groups that are created to weave carpets. Maximum three women weave a carpet together according to the length and complexity of carpets. They are singing songs related to carpets while they are weaving carpets. This is an easy and safe job for woven where they easily earn money and fulfill requirements of family members.

Rugs and Beyond also supports women to ensure each others financial success. They also focus on teachers from within the community to be responsible for knowledge among fellow women villagers, for smoother communication because they believe that every human has right to learn how to read and write.

Mostly the women villagers are unaware of insurance and other government benefits due to which they sometimes hesitate to apply for the same due to a long process. Hence, it is important to reach out to women villagers to inform and tell the benefits of insurance, especially for women weavers.