Halloween is the perfect time to be creative and have some spooky fun while decorating your home inside and outside of your home. It may your favouritescary holiday if you know that what to do. For the right decoration you will need quick travel in the shop and you should buy decorative items and if you don’t want to spend money then you can also try some methods which I am going to tell you. If you want to make your home special for Halloween, then read this article which is specially write for outdoor decoration.

1) Decorate your lawn: - If you have a lawn that youwant to prepare for Halloween then there are so many scary things which you can use to decorate your house outside. The lawn sets the tone for the rest of the house so if it is scary enough, it will  surprise people. Old crunchy fall leaves should cover the ground. If there are no falling leaves, then you should stop cleaning your lawn during that time so that your lawn will full with dry and old crunchy leaves. Take some clothes and pillows and some pair boots and then cover it with white cotton cloth so that iwill seem like there will be some dead body on your lawn or you can add some scary dolls statue and cover with white cloths. This will make it seem like they are standing on the lawn.

Halloween Decoration

2) Arrange light: - There are many scary ways to provide lighting to your outdoor patio. If you have a big tree at outside then take old clothes and some bulbs. But make sure that the light of bulb should scattered through cloth in garden. Add these bulbs on the tree and cover with old cloth. The shadow of clothes gives an amazing horror look to your lawn. 

3) Create horror dolls in lawn: - You can do it yourself. Take some natural gross or hemp and make a little thin bundle. After that turn the bundle from the centre and bind the one third part of the turned bundleWhen it looks like dolls then cover these with white cloth and cut the cloth at the place of eyes. Put these dolls in the lawn like this image. 

Outdoor decoration

4) Use a handmade carpet close to your entryway :- Orange and black, there arw two main theme of decorating a home for Halloween so it’s clear that it is good if you add an orange or black colorhandmade small area rug on the entry way. You can take an orange color carpet with some plastic snakes. Put your snakes lose to your entry way and then place your handmade carpet on it. Make sure that it looks like the snakes you are trying to come up on the carpet. 

 Entryway Decoration Halloween

So these above ideas you can try to make over your garden and can make your outdoor patio scarier and perfect for Halloween 2017.

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