Most of the electrical problems are caused by poor wiring in your home. The wiring in your home may be obsolete hence difficult to supply electricity to various objects such as electronics and lighting appliances. The only solution to this problem is by visiting a lighting repair near me store to seek assistance.

Today, we face many electrical problems because most of our electrical appliances are fitted with older circuits that are not able to supply power to modern electronic equipment. This is why you need electrical and lighting repair near me. Moreover, you should consider your safety when installing electric appliances in your home. The following are the common problems faced during electrical wiring as well as their solutions.

Electrical Surges

This can be a result of poor wiring, faulty appliances, or damaged power appliances in your home. Frequent surges may lead to equipment damage which can reduce life expectancy.


Your lighting may have an electrical fitting such as a bulb which has a higher watt than the intended fixture. This is a very high risk that can turn out to be dangerous in your house. This is because the bulb may experience high heat which can melt the plug. This results in sparks that spread to different wires causing electrical fires. You cannot solve this by removing the bulb since its wires and plugs are still damaged.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you install electrical fittings that lack a higher wattage.

Power Dips and Sags

Sags usually happen when the control power grip faces damage. It may also due to the low-quality grid.

Uncovered Junction Box

Junction box contains wires which are connected. If not covered, you may undergo a shock. You may also experience shock from a broken wire. Therefore, make sure that you cover your wires with the provided screws.

Non-functioning Switches

If your switch is not working, make sure that you seek electrical assistance from an electrician. Non-functional switches may be due to a damaged circuit, outlet, or wiring.

Flickering light


This may occur on worn-out wiring which may be experienced especially during windy conditions. This usually causes a short because of the movement caused by the cables. You are supposed to seek electrical assistance immediately because it can lead to a fire outbreak.

Tripping Circuit

Tripping is often an indication of how your home is protected. You should, therefore, make sure that you use a low setting.

Fewer Outlets

Today, you are going to find out that many houses have power strips and extension cords that are heavily relied upon. If you use heavy extension cords, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk of fire. Therefore, make sure that you use more outlets and seek assistance from an electrician.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are brought about by electricity that is not used appropriately. A shock is mainly experienced when you either switch off or on an electrical device. The shock may be due to wiring problems or problems with the appliance. To prevent shock, make sure that you seek electrical assistance.

No Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Residual Current Circuit Breaker is used for load disconnection from the mains supply especially with the wires that contain residual current. If you use RCCB, you have assured safety from electric fire.

Regular Burning of Bulbs

If your house experiences bulb burns frequently, make sure to check whether the following issues might be the cause:

  1. High wattage
  2. Poor circuit wiring
  • Insulation close to the light

Over Circuited Panel

You should place your wires in one slot rather than many slots. This is because the over circuited panel is very dangerous. To prevent this, add a sub-panel that contains extra slots.

Hefty Electric Bill

The large bill can be reduced by:

  1. Fixing damaged wiring or circuits
  2. unplugging unused electronic devices
  • Depending on cheap service providers

Aluminum Wiring

This is very dangerous for your home as it is used in some instances as a copper's substitute which is not safe nowadays. This is due to corrosion that takes place when aluminum is used and may lead to a fire outbreak when connections are loosened.

Solutions to Electrical Problems

  • Make sure that your connections are properly made
  • Consider working with circuits or wire that are not energized
  • Ensure insulating the wires using electrical tapes if you are to turn them on
  • Contact an electrician if you experience some problems to ensure safety

Electrical problems in your home can be dangerous if not fixed with immediate effect. If you experience any minor damage, make sure that you attend to it or contact an electrician if the problem is severe. Do not ignore the mess as it can sometimes lead to irreparable damage.

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