Imagine you have finally bought your dreamy rug from Rugs & Beyond!

It is the one carpet you have always dreamed of and couldn’t stop talking about it to both your family and friends. You’ve checked each and all carpet trends and once you are absolutely satisfied with the design, color, type of fabric and size of the rug, you can give in to excitement and decorate the rest of your home to match your new floor covering!

However, it is extremely crucial for any homeowner or tenant to acquire the right know-how, experience and knowledge about taking proper care of a newly bought carpet. If not properly maintenanced and cleaned, the carpet will lose its appealing looks faster than you would want a newly-bought pricy possession to become ruined. Keep away from myths and prepare yourself!

Scenario #1: Imagine it’s a Friday night and you have both friends and family over for drinks and a lovely dinner you spent quite some time in preparation for-

And suddenly, your friend accidentally drops a glass of red wine straight on your favourite carpet! What a bummer!. After the initial shock, your heart starts beating fast and you just don’t know how to react nor how to actually get rid of the stain.

Scenario #2: Imagine your puppy or kitty peeing where it’s not supposed to-

You might be devastated and angry but you can’t leave your pet on the street. You might yell, you might go crazy, but that will get you nowhere with cleaning the carpet and as a matter of fact, any second lost takes you one step further away from actually handling the mess in a timely and efficient manner.

So how should you clean your carpet?

Rugs are always at risk. Beside the few common examples, carpet owners face hundreds more. That’s why it’s absolutely mandatory for any rug owner to learn and educate him or herself on the basics of cleaning, taking care and maintenancing a rug.

Here’s a dash of quick and easy tips, tricks and hacks you should follow when in need of help to prolong the life of floor coverings:

1) Daily vacuuming is the least!

It is highly recommended to vacuum your carpets an a daily basis or at least twice a week.

However, bear in mind that the process of vacuum-cleaning has to be carried in the very same direction as that of the fabric of your floor covering.

In case you neglect our simple advice, vacuuming in the opposite direction will ruin the healthy condition of carpet fabrics, which will eventually cause for wear and tear to grow and leave your rug destroyed.

If the piece is extremely dirty or is exposed to a lot of traffic, you should repeat the process at a 90-degree angle.

For hand woven rugs you should be do this on a regular basis! These types of floor coverings are extremely gentle and cautions is mandatory. However, one should  clean with extra attention around the edges and be aware to not suck them up in. If you’re indeed an owner of a gentle piece, you should definitely look out for the best vacuum unit to help you tackle dirt off your floor carpeting.

Also, as far as Silk carpets are involved, they should not be cleaned with an aggressive upright vacuum. Extra suction might rip away fibers and potentially ruin your pricy carpet.

2) How to removal pet stains or liquid spots?

Of course, you are not going to ask everybody to leave  because of as spill, are you? Anybody could accidentally cause a red wine spill. A glass of red wine on your favorite rug is indeed a hefty task to handle but you should not be rude at any means.

The same way you would not throw your beloved pet out if it accidentally damages the rug. Pet-caused stains and beverage spills are indeed difficult to remove but not impossible to clean!

Our first and foremost advice is to take a damp cloth and immediately blot as much and as fast as you can starting from the outside to the inner in order to prevent the stain from bounding with the fiber itself. Unless the rug is not left to professional rug cleaners, it is best to place the carpet in direct sunlight in order to best tackle any remaining signs of the stain.

Whenever a pooch or a cat damages a carpet, the worst nightmare of its owner is the risk of discoloration.

It is highly-advisable to clean the stain with the use of a high-grade product.

If you don’t have where to get one, nor any idea which is the right product, blot as much as liquid as possible and then repeat with a white piece of cloth. You should make sure that your pets stay as far away, so they don’t step in and cause even further damage.

3) Wash and maintenance.

It is crucial to properly wash your rug and on a regular basis in order to help it last as long as possible.

The most efficient way to keep any carpet clean is to get it washed via hot water extraction or dry chem treatment done by skilled rug cleaning experts. HWE means to use simple water to inject and suck out steam along with dirt. Some companies will provide a fan to keep air flow going but it would be best if you could leave te piece in direct sunlight to dry.  

If you are not aware how your specific carpeting should be handled, you are advised to always ask! Not all fabrics are suitable for dry cleaners since professionals use chemicals that might damage your piece if not meant to be cleaned this way..

On the other hand, in case you need to somehow repair, you are highly-advised to cut the edges or resort to professionals. Only a experienced rug specialists could choose the best way to act.

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

First, lets make it clear: What are the factors that define how much professional rug cleaning should cost?

Thickness, age, type of fabric and square footage.

A well-established carpet cleaning company will provide you with experienced technicians able to handle the wide range of carpets: Persian rugs, Azerbaijani rugs, Indian carpets, South American, Asian and etc.

What does pricing depend on:

A)  The size of carpeting in your property;

B)  The level of professional gear needed?

C)  Whether you want floors cleaned alone or staircases as well and sometimes even the walls are carpeted too?

D)  Whether you need deep steam cleaning via hot-water-extraction a chem dry treatment;

E)  Whether you want to add an extra stain protection or leave it as is?


It is highly-advisable to use professionals ever here and there in order to extend the life of your carpet. Compared to the quality of results, the average cost comes with great value for the investment.

Cleaning your carpets and keeping your entire home dirt and bacteria-free should go hand in hand.

After all, what good is a tidy flat (or house) if it poses health risks to you and your family?

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