Cyber Monday is a big holiday in US. Do you know what is Cyber Monday? I am going to tell you- Cyber Monday is a marketing term for Monday. It comes after Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term "Cyber Monday" was created by marketing companies and they provide a huge discount of their products online. So that people can easily shop onlineI am writing this article especially about offers on handmade carpet. Yes chose handmade carpets instead of any other items because there is a reason behind it. You can buy the other accessories like light, lamps, candles, posters or furniture from anywhere because these are not too expensive but a handmade carpet is the expensive thing. You can find machine made carpets in a cheaper price range but machine made carpet has many drawbacks. These are harmful for you and your family. Machine made carpets are not highly durable and these are made in nylon and used chemical dying process. Machine made carpets are totally woven by machine and takes two or three hours to weave. 

But if we talk about handmade carpets then it takes many months to weave. These are woven in pure natural materials and used a vegetable dye method which is not harmful for you and your family. Weaving handmade carpets are very laborious works. It needs skilled craftsmen who’s focal on the design and pattern and can modify beautifully. 

So these are the reasons that a handmade carpet is expensive than other accessories. So sometimes people want to buy handmade carpets but not able to pay full amount. So this is a good news for them that they can buy handmade carpets online and get upto50% discount on that rug + one free rug. 

1) Rugs and Beyond offers: - Cyber Monday Sale, Forget the deals 10% off deals, the 20% off deals, even the 35% off deals.  Rugs and Beyond offering up to 50%, yes you heard me right, 50% off after using Coupon code RNBCYBER until 2nd December 2017. So don’t miss out on these ridiculously low prices. 

2) Sale on Modern Carpets: - Now you can find the erased pattern, contemporary rug, abstract design in Pure New Zealand wool in half price. You can select any modern carpet which is totally hand woven on a handloom and made in pure New Zealand wool and finest quality of cotton material. 

Modern Carpet

3) Sale on Traditional Carpets: - Traditional carpets are woven in pure silk or in pure New Zealand wool material with cotton. These are woven in multi colors. These are more expensive than modern carpets. So this is the best time to buy traditional carpet because you can get huge discount on that. 

Traditional Carpet

3) Sale on Hand-Woven Durries:- You can also buy handmade dhurries which is much cheaper than handmade carpets and also get upto 50% discount with a new rug. This is the golden time for carpet lovers.

Handmade Dhurrie

 So visit Rugs and Beyond and find your dream carpet for your beautiful home.

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