A handmade carpet is used for creating a decorative and beautiful atmosphere by using it as a floor decoration accessory. If you want to quickly change the look of your home or want to decorate your home with some last minute changes, then placing an area rug is the easiest way. Handmade carpets are mainly divided into two categories – one is traditional carpet and the second one is modern area rugs. You can take a handmade carpet from ready stock but if you have any special requirement then you don’t need to compromise with a mismatched carpet. Manufactures and online carpet stores provide this facility for their customers. You can easily select your designs and sizes of your carpet and can place the order. If you don’t have a designer and want to customize your own design then you can contact to the manufacture and can tell your requirements. They will make your carpet according to your requirements. See below- How you can select a perfect custom-made rug for creating “one of a kind” home decoration.

 custom made rug

1) Go with your interiors style: 

Customized rug is the best way to design your dream carpet for a perfect decoration but before that, you should analyze that your interiors are in a traditional or modern way. Suppose you have traditional interiors and you customize a modern area rug for your home then how it will look? For a traditional home décor you can select intricate designs with tiny motifs in Kashan, Qum, Hamadan, Ardabil etc. and for the modern home décor, you can select abstract design, contemporary, Erased or floral pattern.

custom made rug

2) The material according to the traffic: 

As we know that handmade silk carpets contain “One of a kind” design patterns so if you select a traditional design and want to weave in pure silk material then it is not possible. Because silk material is very thin and soft so it takes many months to weave a single carpet as compared to another material carpet. It needs a hard craftsmanship. You can select New Zealand wool, cotton and jute material for the home. If you want to take a silk area rug then you can take it from ready stock. Handmade silk carpets are woven including 15-35 color combinations so it will easily blend with any type of décor. In the second hand, a handmade wool area rug is the best because it is available in traditional style and modern style as well. You can also use it for any place in a home.


custom made rug

3) Measure the size of your space: 

Size is very important when you are going to customize your area rug. Before buying a handmade area rug first, measure the space of your room where you want to put it. Before measuring the space size, remove all furniture and accessories from your room. With the size of space, you should also confirm that in which way you want to place your carpet like you want to put it in the center of your furniture or want to cover the entire space of your room? 


Customize your rug accordingly for the best result. After Following the above steps you can select a perfect custom made rug or can customize your rug for “One of a kind” home décor.

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