Decorating a guest room is not just simply decorating a space, it represents your creativity, ideas and your lifestyle to the guest.  Decorate with a soothing color scheme and fill the room with decorative furnishings that have practical uses. You can take inspiration from hotel rooms, website pictures etc. I am going to give you some easy tips for decorating your guest room.

A)  Paint walls: - This is the beginning step for decorating a guest room. A room is covered with walls. Wall is the most important part of any room. So you can start from there. Now always use light and smoothing colors for the guest room. You can use natural colors such as white, cream, beige and cool and smoothing colors like sky blue, sea green, pastel colors. Always avoid vibrant colors for the guest room. 

B) Put a glass table on the bedside : - These small things, are something you should consider. Sometimes guest is not feeling comfort if they leave a water ring from a drink on a wooden surface. If the bed side table has a glass top, the water can be wiped away and will not leave a permanent spot.

C) Put a light lamp bedside: - Proper lighting in a room is very important. So put a light lamp next to the bed. Because if you add ceiling lighting then the switch is often placed near to door and away from the bed. In that case, your guests may have to stumble back to the bed after switching the light off at night.


 D)  Add mirrors in the room: - A full mirror is needed when a guest wants to get ready in the morning. You can add small mirrors in a different size for wall decoration. This will add luxe to the entire space.


 E) Add extra pillows and two-bed seat for one bed: - Pillows are the best for providing cozy feeling in the bed. So one should add extra pillows in the bed. Decorative pillows can also be used to introduce an accent color into the guest room, which can allow you to add a nice splash of color without making the room look uncomfortable

F) Place a decorative rug: - Rugs and carpets are used for decorating the floor. So place a handmade carpet or rug in your guest room. You can choose traditional carpet or modern carpet according to your guest room interiors. Also, consider the color and measure the space where you want to place it. Select handmade traditional silk carpet for the guest room. These are expensive but gives a royal look and also suitable for less traffic area.

handmade rug

G) Handmade carpet for wall hanging: - You can also use handmade carpet for the wall hanging. Hang your carpet close to the window. Always take rod larger than the width of carpet. This shall give a decorative look and make the room look different and unique.

H)  Add some other decorative accessories: - You can add some wall paintings, wall art, decorative wall watch etc. There are so many things which you can use for giving a new look to use guest room within your budget. 

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