Your bedding which includes sheets and pillow play an important role in creating a comfortable environment for good sleep. Not all bedding is made same and you need to pay attention to the material your sheets are made of. Some sheets are lighter while sheets are hotter. Some sheets feel softer on your skin. Hence, the quality and material of the sheets is an important factor that you need to focus while purchasing bedding.

Why Is Egyptian Cotton The Gold Standard In Bedding?

Throughout the last three centuries, Egyptian cotton has been successful in maintaining its reputation of being the “best cotton” in the world. The cotton is known to have superior characteristics, strength, and softness that have made it popular across the world. Some important characteristics of Egyptian cotton sheets are:

  • The Egyptian cotton can be woven into long fine yarns in comparison to other natural fibers without sacrificing the strength of the fiber.
  • The strength of the Egyptian cotton fiber makes it more resistant to stress.
  • The softness of Egyptian cotton is unmatched in the world.
  • The Egyptian cotton fiber has ability to absorb colors help in designing cotton sheets that are brighter and deeper in color.

How Egyptian Sheets Make The Sleeping Environment More Appealing?

No Piling

Most of the bed sheets are able to retain their brighter colors and softness only for a short time. The reason is the cycle of use and wash leads to piling that creates pills of fabric in the bed sheet. Piling not only looks bad, but it is also uncomfortable that affects your quality of sleep. Fibers made from Egyptian cotton plant are longer and produce little lint which makes piling less likely.


If you wrap yourself in a bed sheet, your body heats get trapped between sheets and your body perspires to reduce the temperature. Many times, if you perspire more, have more night sweats, or feel hotter, your sleep cycle is more likely to break. Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable which means the heat does not get trapped and air can pass through sheets freely. The result is you feel cooler even when you have wrapped yourself in the sheet. All these factors help in inducing sleep and also prevent breaking of the sleep cycle.

Higher Thread Count

The thread count of the bed sheet looks like a technical thing for many. It refers to a number of threads woven together to make one inch square of the sheet. According to fabric experts, the thread count is a luxury and quality indicator in bed sheets. For example, the thread count over 1000 is considered to be most luxurious. If you look at different bed sheets available in the market, the thread count is generally in the range of 300 to 1000. Egyptian sheets are known to have the highest thread count among all bed sheets.

Lightweight and Soft

The lightness and softness of the fabric is a luxury element that plays an important role in inducing quality sleep. An Egyptian sheet does not have thick fibers. Instead, they have a larger thread count which makes the bed sheets lightweight and soft.

Advantages of Egyptian Sheets Made Of Cotton:

  • The Egyptian sheets are smooth and soft for comfort.
  • The sheets are machine washable and have low shrinkage.
  • The sheets are highly durable and they retain their softness for several years.
  • The sheets are breathable which allows body temperature regulation and absorb perspiration.

There is no doubt softer the bed sheets the more luxurious feel you get. One of the suggestions given by medical experts to get quality sleep makes the sleeping environment more appealing and comforting for the person. The Egyptian sheets have the softest feel and comforting feeling that helps in inducing perfect sleep for you. 

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