Handmade carpets and rugs are woven in natural materials like pure New Zealand wool, Pure silk, Jute, hemp, cotton, sari silk etc. Most of the time, it contains standard size like 2’x3’ ft – 12’x 14’ ft. Winter is almost here and also the best time to give a fresh look and feel to your living area. As we know that Christmas and Thanksgiving is just about to come and you will definitely invite some special guests for the party. So, your room should be well decorated so that you can impress them with your living lifestyle. There are so many ideas which you can apply for decorating a living room. Follow some small and beautiful ideas for buying a perfect carpet for decorating your Living area from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Rug Sale 2020.

cyber monday rug sale 2020

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Pattern of the carpet:

For winters, dark, vibrant and floral patterns are the best option. You can go for a traditional carpet which contains floral motifs with leaves and branches of a tree and if you want to opt for a modern carpet then you can also choose a bold floral motifs carpet. In modern pattern carpet, you can also pick Erased pattern Rugs or Bamboo Silk Rugs which is very popular in latest trend.

Size of entire space:-

For finding a perfect carpet, you should know the exact size where you want to place your carpet. So before buying a handmade carpet decide that what is the size of space and in which way you want to place your carpet? Carpet size primarily depends on the furniture size. For example: If you use small sofa or furniture, at this condition you can buy 4’x6’ ft carpet for you. Place this carpet in the center of your living room and place table on it. If you want to cover the entire surface of your living room then you can buy a big size carpet (8’x10’+). Using a large area rug or carpet is the best option because when you pull your chair or furniture for sitting on it then carpet will not be folded. You can also use a runner in the entryway of a living room and cover the bare passage.

Shape of your Coffee table:

Before buying a carpet you should decipher the shape of carpet. Suppose you have a rectangle table then you cannot put a circular or round rug and vice versa. If you want to place a rug below the circular coffee table in living room then you can buy round wool carpet. This is the latest trends of 2020.

According to traffic:

If you have a living room close to your entry gate or at more traffic area then you can select handmade woolen carpet because it has certain characteristics that hide dust and stains. Handmade woolen carpets are available in traditional and modern both style and you can select it according to your interior. Handmade silk carpets are exclusive and expensive. So these are not suitable for high traffic area. You can use it for your living room but when living room is far from entryway.