A bedroom is a place where you spend about one-third of your life. This is a place where you sleep and relax, so redecorating your bedroom can make it more comfortable and help to create an environment which is more relaxing. Find the best ideas which you can follow for reviving your old bedroom or decorating a new bedroom in a new style.

bedroom decor

1)   Make a concrete plan: - Without making a plan, it’s very difficult to complete any task perfectly. This is also a big challenge for you if you don’t have smart ideas for decorating your bedroom. So make a plan before beginning the task. Think about how much time you have and how you can finish it in a minimum time. Divide area of a room according to your choices like in upper part, mid part, and lower part and fix the time according to the area. For example, a ceiling area will take less time so if you have total 3 hours then you can assign 30 minutes for ceiling area.

2)    Prepare a list: - After dividing your time, you have to compile a list of home decorating accessories which will be needed for reviving your room. What you want to put on your surface or in which type chandelier you want to hang in your room, bed style, handmade area rug etc. Make a list according to the accessory priority otherwise you will be confused that which is the most important accessory and which is the secondary things.

room decor

3)    Begin your Task: -Now you have everything so you can begin your task. First, remove furniture and other accessories from your room and make it empty. After that, use a broom for sweeping the surface and a long broom for cleaning the ceiling area. You can also clean your surface using water and then wipe out. If you want then you can use a room freshener for giving a melodious smell to your bedroom.

Before putting your furniture in the bedroom, you should clean the furniture outside of your home using clean clothes and water. If you think that it looks old then you can repaint it also.

4)    Paint your wall: - Color is a thing which can give a vibrant and awesome look to your room. You can choose the color according to your choice but a bedroom is a place where you can relax and sleep so you should use light colors like blue, ivory, cream or white. If you are a female then you can also use pink color. These colors help to give calm and make a relaxing atmosphere for you.

5)    Put a handmade carpet: - A room without a carpet is looks like a wall without paint. This is the best idea for providing a luxurious look to your bedroom. Take a beautiful handmade carpet and place it on your surface in the front of a bed or in a whole room. This will definitely show their beauty in your bedroom.

6)    Arrange the furniture: - After putting a handmade carpet, you can place your beautiful bed on it. Place a small table beside your bed and a small sofa in the front side of your bed (if you want to place T.V so you can sit on this).

7)    Other decorating accessories: -Take a light lamp and place on the side tables. Add some butterfly stickers on your wall. Add a large size framed photo of your family behind your bed. Hang a ringing bell close to your entryway.

These above ideas which you can follow to decorate your bedroom like a PRO.