Valentine Day is the day of love so when it comes to Valentine's Day decor, you should think about something unique and special which will directly reflect your emotions and love for him or her. I’m sure that many of you are already decorating your home in the style of romantic occasion. Everyone used chocolates, candles in a room but I am going to tell you some tips about especially for the valentine that you can use for creating a romantic haven in your home. If you want some more ideas then you can read my previous article.

Now find the decoration tips step by step-

1) Clean your home:

Cleaning is the most important and beginning task of the decoration. Remove extra things from your home and clean it using water and detergent. Before cleaning the Terries area first you should cover your furniture with newspaper or old bed sheet. Roll up your handmade carpet and clean it in outside before placing it again. Fold your cloths and put it in your almirah. Change the bedsheet, cushion covers, curtains, sofa cover etc.

2) Create a list of accessories:

After cleaning your room, make a list of accessories which you want to use in your room like photo frames, roses, heart shape pillows, handmade rug etc.

3) Select the theme:

The theme of valentine is always red and pink. So buy the decorative accessories in these colors and use it for decorating your home because it represents love and romance in human life. 

4) Decorate your bedroom:

This is the most important place in a home and the best place to show your love also. So a bedsheet which contains heart shape print in red and white color and place it on your bed. Take 5-6 pillows in heart shape and put it on the bed. Put a diary and write some romantic lines for her or him. Put a rose on it with some chocolates. Add balloons and roses in your bedroom and some candles in it. Place a beautiful red handmade rug on the floor for magnifying the beauty of floor. Turn off your room light when she just about to come. This is the greatest way to decorate a home.

5) Decorate you entryway:

With decorating your inside interior you should decorate your outside as well. Take some flowers and red decorative chandelier and put it at your entry way. You can place a red handmade runner on the floor or can spread the roses on it. Put some flower vase with fresh flower on both side of your entry gate. Add some red heart shape balloons on the ceiling area of entryway.

6) Decorate the dining area:

This is also a place where you can impress your girl. Make her special food and decorate the dining table using candles, balloons and cards. You can put a card with best wishes or can put some gift on the dining table.

So, follow the above ideas and give a surprise to your loved one by decorating your home in this romantic way.

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