As we know that mother’s day is just about to come and we all want to gift something special to our mothers. On this special day, we all should gift something to our mother which is very exclusive and create some memories and gift something which is highly durable. Chocolates, flowers are an old thing and don’t last for a long time. These are useless things. You have to give some presents to your mother which is highly durable and can be cherished for a long time. There are so many things which are very nice for your mom like carpets, pillows, paintings etc. I am going to describe that how these products are the best gift to your mom.

Carpets: - Machine made carpet are seen everywhere but handmade carpets are very exclusive things. There are so many advantages of using handmade carpet. For example, your mother uses small handmade carpets in the kitchen when she is going to make food. It will protect her feet in winter from cold and in summer from heat. Home surface area gets easily dirty in summer. Due to the dirty floor, your bed also gets dirty and indirectly your mom work hard for cleaning bed sheets and floors. So by placing handmade carpets, she will feel comfortable. She can also decorate her home by using handmade carpets. Handmade carpets are totally hand washable so she can easily maintain it. These are also highly durable. She can use it for about 50 to 70 years. 


Pillows-: If you cannot buy handmade carpets then decorative pillows are also a good option. These are available in low price range. Your mother can use it for decorating her bedroom. Pillows are the best thing which provides extra coziness to your bedroom and gives a royal look.


Paintings: - You can also give paintings as the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. There are so many memorable moments, which we capture and keep photos in our system. For example, tour photos, mother birthday photos, Mom and dad photos, family photos etc. You can take some memorable photos, a beautiful painting which she can use to decorating home. You can also make a grid of those photos and gift to your mom.


So now that you have all the gift options in mind, let's begin decorating your mother’s room. This is the most surprising idea, which is combining all things together. So let’s decorate your mom room with beautiful carpets, flowerpots, lovely cards, pillows and something which your mother likes most. First, decorate the bed of your mother by beautiful bed sheets in pink color with floral pattern. Add some extra pillows with same color and pattern matching of a bed sheet. Place a good quality handmade traditional carpet on the floor area.

If you aren't able to buy a new handmade carpet then you can also buy handmade durries for the decoration of the surface. These are cheap area durries which are the good substitute of handmade carpets. Now decorate the wall with your mother’s favorite pictures. You can also make a grid of those pictures. You can also decorate your wall with butterfly’s stickers. Add butterflies stickers in hearts shape or in letter form. 


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