Do you know what is the actual meaning of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a festival when you can say thanks to everyone who is someone special. Thanksgiving is a day when you invite your guest and enjoy with them by spending time, eating foods, doing parties etc. This is a day when you can impress your guest and can represent your living style and personality to them. So, most of the people want to decorate their home. There are so many ideas which you can apply to renovate your home.  Many e-sellers provide a huge discount on expensive items during this festival. So this is the best time to purchase those decorative things which you cannot buy otherwise. You can buy a beautiful chandelier, furniture, handmade area rug etc. at very reasonable price range. This blog is about the best flooring because the flooring is the most important part of a home. The beauty of your home depends on your floor. There are so many options which you can use for the flooring. I am going to give you brief idea about these:-

Marble flooring: - Marble flooring is a good option only if you want that your home looks beautiful but when we talk about comfort then this is not a good idea. In winter time, marble flooring gives a cold touch. So for Thanksgiving, this is not a suitable idea.

Marble flooring

Carpet flooring: - If you want to provide a warmth and cozy touch to your house and want to convert your house into a home then this is the best idea which you can follow. Handmade carpets are woven in natural materials like pure New Zealand wool, pure silk which is exported from China, finest quality cotton, jute etc. Do you know that why this is superior flooring idea as compared to another flooring ? Ok, I am going to tell you some importance of carpet flooring.

Carpet on Floor

1) Enhance the beauty of surface: - For enhancing the beauty of a surface, handmade carpet is the easiest way. It is available in vibrant colors so this is a perfect way to add beautiful vibrant colors and mix-match patterns on your floor.

2) Add a cozy touch: - This is very beneficial for the winter as well as summer season. It protects your soft feet from cold surface in winter and from hot surface in summer. If you have baby or pet then they can play on it with full safety.

3) Provide Safety: - It also provides safety to your home. There are maximum chances to slip from the stairs so if you place a beautiful handmade runner on the steps of stair or install runner on staircase then the chance of incidence is decrease.

4) Hide broken or old tiles: - Suppose you have any function in your home but you don’t have time to repair or exchange your broken or old tiles. In this cas, you can put a handmade carpet at the place of broken tiles and can hide it. Handmade carpet is thick and enough to hide the broken space in your home.

5) Washable and highly durable: - Handmade carpets are totally woven by hand with finest quality material. So these are highly durable. Due to the natural material, you can wash it at your home.

Wooden floor: - This is the latest trend. If you only want a bare wooden floor then sometimes it may be risky because this is little slippy. So if you want to use wooden flooring in your house then you should put a handmade floor area rug on it. So these are three flooring option which you can use for your home this thanksgiving.

Wooden Floor

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