While the world crisis is still looming over our heads like never before, let's challenge ourselves by celebrating the upcoming July 4th weekend in the safest way possible. Going out publicly to bars and restaurnats are definitely out of question. So why not makie the msot of it by staying home this July 4th and indulging in all activities at home. For instance, one can arrange for a bar-b-que in the patio, have a great lunch, organize a pool party for people in the house etc. And off course also indulge in retail therapy. 

Talking about retail therapy, check out the best 4th of July Rug sales that will not only make your rug dreams come true but will also accentuate the interiors of your home. Check out the best deals and offers here on some of these rugs and carpets along with other beautiful handknotted rugs available on this discount rug website:

1)Shah Hamadan Kashmir Silk Rug

Beautiful handmade with an amazing pattern in Kashmir silk carpet .it takes 6 months to weave this carpet. It has an extremely detailed pattern. Number of knots in this carpet are 324 per square inch. The main colors are mixed green.This rug is Handmade in the cotton base and has pure Kashmir Silk on top.

2) Applique Kashan Silk Carpet

The perfect combination of maroon and gold it has. This carpet is contained floral design pattern. The warp in cotton and weft in pure silk. One of a kind” Handmade carpet is in very traditional style. This is a very beautiful carpet in Yak carpet collection. This magnificent carpet is made in pure silk. Silk carpets are very exclusive. This is ideal for the less traffic area. Very easy to wash. You can wash it by hands at your home. It has taken about 5-6 months to weave.

3) Royale Blue Senneh Silk Rug

Royal blue seneh carpet one of the best carpet in rugs and beyond. It has a very beautiful pattern in center as well as in border. In this carpet we used cotton base and pure silk on the upper side for creating this beautiful carpet. This is totally handmade. We use the best quality of kashmir silk for this beauty. It has a unique pattern in the center and as well as on border. no of knots in this 324 per square inch It take 6 months to weave this carpet. the main color is blue in the center and green color in the border.

4) Hunting Tree of Life

This is “one of a kind” stunning piece is a combination of Hunting design and the tree of life pattern carpet representing a beautiful art of nature. Vibrant colors Ivory and Blue which are dominant in this rug. It has a very intricately woven, it has taken more than 6 months to weave this rug by talented craftsmen. Number of Knots in this rug are 576 knots per square inch. The base in silk and top in pure kashmir silk.

5) Turquoise Chakra Kashmir Silk Rug

The most beautiful carpet in a unique color combination. This carpet is woven in silk on cotton and it has approx. 324knots per square. Enhance the beauty of your space by placing this ever so gorgeous hand knotted silk carpet in a perfect color combination. Perfect fit for space with subtle interiors. This is handcrafted by our skilled weavers and involves detailed craftsmanship. It has taken about five to six months to weave.

All these rugs are exclusive and "one of a kind" which have been intricately handcrafted by Master weavers. It has taken almost 8-10 months ot weave a single piece by hand and most design have been inspired by Persian Patterns. Check out 4th of July Rug Sale Deals and Offers below:

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So avail the best deals and disocunts on this fourth of July 2020 sales and make your home beautiful with one of a kind, handmade rugs and carpets.