To add more interest and warmth to your space, place a beautiful handmade carpet in your home. Handmade carpets and rugs are made in pure Natural Materials like pure New Zealand wool, silk, cotton, jute, sisal etc. These materials are expensive and 100% chemical free. There are many ideas to use for providing a warm touch to a living space. For example, you can take heavy curtains, mattress, sofa, fireplace etc. but what on the floor. Floor is the coldest part of a home in winter. For providing a cushioning and warm feel to space handmade carpet and rug is the best option which is long lasting and easy to install. As we know those handmade rugs are anti-slip but you can use a rug pad for protecting it from dust and mud. Silk area rug is used for enhancing the beauty of a floor and wall as well. It gives a very shiny look to space. Find the best handmade carpets online which is made in 100% natural rug material and dyed in natural dye (0% chemical). It is woven on a handloom which is operated by hand. Find the best handmade carpets and rugs which you can buy online at best price.

Lal Medallion Kirman Wool Large Area Rug:

Handmade Carpet

Lal medallion Kerman is a beautiful and “One of a kind” large area rug. It is woven on a handloom using a hand-knotted technique. A hand-knotted technique is also known as the interweaving technique. This carpet is made using knots with knots. It contains Kerman design pattern which has been originated from Persia in 16th century. Christmas is just about to come and it is the biggest and most popular festival which celebrates around the world. For Christmas, a red color is the perfect color because it is a Christmas theme. This carpet contains the same color combination. The center of this carpet contains a medallion pattern which is the focal point of carpet. It is a perfect carpet for the winter. Lal Medallion Kerman is woven in pure New Zealand wool which is the best wool and superior quality of cotton.  The size of this carpet is 10’x13’ ft. You can use it in a living room, dining room and a bedroom as well.

If you want to place it in your living room then place this rug in centre and then put a front leg on the carpet. If you want then you can put your complete furniture on it.

Queen of Persia Large Persian Wool Carpet:

Handmade Carpet

Persia is the hub of handmade carpet because handmade carpet has been originated from there. Queen of Persia is a large handmade carpet in ivory color. It is intricately woven in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. Queen of Persia contains medallion Kashan design which has been originated in 17th century from Persia. It is suitable for a low traffic area due to its bright color and “One of a kind” design pattern. It is ideal for a bedroom.

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