Wool carpets are very popular for contemporary and classic home decor. In a modern contemporary home, wool carpets add a warm touch to any room and for adding vibrant multi-colors to a traditional décor you can take a beautiful Persian woolen carpet. Many people look for 100% wool woven (hand knotted) carpets which are highly durable and have cozy touch. Handmade woolen carpets are less expensive than hand-knotted pure silk area rugs. This is available at the reasonable price range. If you want to decorate your home in a reasonable price range then you can also buy handmade flat-woven wool dhurrie for your home. This is the best subtitle of handmade wool carpet. Handmade woolen dhurries are reversible and highly durable. These are thin so you can easily adjust it below your door.   Therefore, for anyone who wants to invest in the wool rug, there can be questions about stability. Is it worth investing to buy wool rugs? Yes, this is the best investment of the year because with the time, the price of wool carpet also increase and day by day it became antique. I am going to tell you the advantages of a Woolen Indian Handmade Rug over other Rugs.

Easy to Clean:

While wool carpets are popular for many different reasons, one of the most popular reasons is the resistant nature of wool rugs. The wool material does not absorb soil very well. This makes carpets easy to keep clean. You can easily clean it with detergent and water. You can also use long hair brush for scrubbing if it contains any type of spots.

Provide Safety:

Wool Carpet

In addition, handmade carpets have very cozy touch so the rugs are safe to put in children's rooms. If you have a kid then they can easily scrawl on it and play with safety. Wool rugs are also providing resistant to the fire. This is also water resistant so you can stop the incident which occurs due to waterfall on the floor. Use handmade wool runner on the stairs and besides your bed in your bedroom. This is also beneficial for a dining room because there are the most chances to fall-down water on the floor. Wool also absorbs water from the air naturally. Studies show that wool fiber can lose weight up to 30% in water and it still feels dry to touch. The wool carpet can actually absorb vapor in the air, can provide relief from moisture in the house.

Add texture to a place:

Wool Area Rug

Handmade wool area rugs are available in both contemporary and traditional pattern. In the traditional pattern, Kashan, Qum, Hamadan, Ardabil are famous designs. In the contemporary wool carpet, you can find geometrical pattern, abstract, contemporary and erased design pattern. You will never find the silk carpet in a modern pattern so wool is only a material which is used for both type carpets.

Use for high traffic area:

Handmade silk carpets area not beneficial for high traffic areas but a handmade wool carpet is ideal for a high traffic area because it has some feature to hide spots and dust. If you have kid and pets then this is the best carpet for your home. 

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