Congratulations! Done are the days of rude, unreachable and sluggish landlords that just come to pick up rent and never do anything for you. Now that you have a new home, things will be so much different. However, being an owner isn’t entirely peachy. All the maintenance and replacements are your responsibility and you have to handle them as well as you can. So, in order to have a great new home experience, here’s a little list of things you should think of before and during your move.

Rekey your property

You will never sleep soundly until you rekey your new home. It’s better to get a new set of keys than wonder who has a key to your property. The previous owner might have given keys to cleaners, neighbors or family members, so you might want to get new ones to feel completely safe. This is a project best done before or right after you move.

Consider repainting

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If you think your new place needs a new splash of color, this is the perfect time to do it. Now that your floors are bare, your furniture is not yet in and your window treatment is non-existent, the whole process will be super easy and quick. Start a few days before the moving day, because these things often take longer than planned. Allow your space to breathe a little before moving in—it will be much more comfortable, even with low-VOC paints.

Invest in storage

Once you start moving into your new home, you want to have things organized and clean. But, that’s pretty much impossible without ample storage. So, make sure to fit your home with closet systems that fit your needs before you move in. If you decide on new closets later, you’ll have to take everything out, create piles of clothes on your bed, contact installers and put everything back again. You don’t want to live out of a suitcase again! Doing a DIY installation job with your closets is also possible. Instructions are pretty clear and you can always find a helpful video online to guide you through your installation.

Hire a moving vehicle

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Now that it’s time to move your things and furnish your home, you should start considering your vehicle options. Moving things with your Toyota Corolla will last forever, so you might want to check out the deals from Budget truck hire and see what models they have to offer. No matter if you opt for a ute or choose a full-on moving truck, you’ll save so much time, money and effort. Plus, your possessions will be much safer when they are not crammed into your small car!

Think about safety

Not one day should be spent in a home without working smoke alarms and CO detectors! Before you move in, grab a box of batteries, test all the alarms and detectors in your new place and replace batteries if needed. If your new home doesn’t have these detectors, buy them immediately. Another thing you might want to do is replace your air filters. Your air systems and HVAC will work more efficiently and improve the air quality in your home.

Steam-clean your carpets

Once you have everything installed, rekeyed and repainted, it’s time to welcome your furniture into your new home. But, before you decide on your final layout, take a good look at your carpets and your furniture. For a completely fresh start, give your items a nice steam cleaning. You can hire pros to come and handle your furniture and carpets. This way your things will look like new and make you feel much comfier in your new place.

Get familiar with your breaker box and main water valve

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Now that you have a new home, you will be responsible for the electrical and plumbing systems, so it’s a great idea to get to know your breaker box and main water valve. Figure out which fuse controls what part of your home and label them correctly for future use. In case of a plumbing emergency, you will need to turn off your main water valve, which can be inside or outside of your home. Better figure out where it’s located, so when a crisis occurs, you won’t have time to run around your property.

Meet the neighbors

Meeting the neighbors isn’t just polite, it’s very useful too. Ask them about property lines, ownership, the situation with other neighbors and other things that might interest you and could come in handy later. Bring a plate of cookies to put them in a good mood!

Now that you’ve handled everything, it’s time to start the fun part! You can decorate your new place, make it cozy and give it character. Make sure to throw a housewarming party and celebrate this new step in your life properly!

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