Everyone’s raving about shabby chic these days, and the fact is that this style is one of the most popular ones when it comes to home décor. But what is it actually? Well, shabby chic is one of the most popular style trends these days, but the truth is that it emerged back in the 80s, when British artists and bohemians started to up cycle old furniture and give them new life. This style is characterized by beautiful pastel colors and floral prints, as well as by mixing and matching different patterns and fabrics. Besides that, it also emphasizes eco-sustainability, since it encourages up cycling, recycling, and repurposing. Here are five ways to incorporate it into your home, so check them out!

How can I incorporate shabby chic into my home.

1) Embrace the old

As already stated, this style is all about giving old things new purpose, which is exactly why you should embrace the old. Some of the key features include distressed wood and mirrors and stunning chandeliers, so be sure you pay attention to all of these. Ask your mom or grandma if they have a piece of furniture they don’t need any longer, or visit your local second-hand store or a flea market to find some vintage pieces that’ll perfectly fit this style. Of course, renovating your home and switching from one style to another means that you’ll have to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, which can potentially cause some problems – especially with storage. If you don’t have any room in your home, make sure to find some self storage facilities where you can safely store your furniture until the next time you decide to renovate.


2) Celebrate florals

You’ve probably already noticed that shabby chic is inspired by some romantic and feminine designs, which is why floral prints are in the center of attention when talking about this style. You can use it on literally anything that comes across your mind, from curtains, cushions, and other decorative items, to whole pieces of furniture like couches, armchairs, and even rugs. You can even get floral wallpaper which will inevitably add a highly required dose of this style to any space.


3) Introduce the pastel color scheme

Apart from the florals, pastel color scheme is also a huge part of shabby chic style, and almost all pastel shades are more than wanted when it comes to home décor. Pale pinks, gentle greens, pastel yellows, and even cool grays are all fine, so you can combine them with white for a much better visual effect. Shabby chic enthusiasts claim that the more white you use the stronger statement you make, so don’t be afraid to use a lot of it in your home.

4) Have a key piece of furniture and add other pieces to complement it

Another characteristic of shabby chic style is a specific arrangement of furniture. This means that you should pick one key piece of furniture and add some smaller, less prominent pieces to complement it. As for that key piece, it can be a beautiful white sofa with some floral decorative cushions, or a pastel piece of furniture decorated with an appropriate throw. Apart from that, you should also find a properly sized rug that follows the same style, and voila – your space is all done!


5) Change the fixtures

Even the most ordinary dresser or a cabinet can be completely transformed when you switch the drawer handles, so bear that in mind if you want to make some minor changes. Ceramic, ornate, and rusted metal handles will do a great job, as well as crystal ones that can add a touch of glam to your home. You can also change your outlet covers, curtain holdbacks, and door handles and switch them for more vintage ones, which will instantly upgrade your interior and make it look much classier.

As you can see, there are so many ways to incorporate shabby chic into your home and transform even the simplest interior into an elegant and stylish one. Just be sure you stick to our tips and you’ll see an instant improvement!

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