Everyone seems to be talking about neutral shades these days. It’s all about browns, beiges, and greys. While a neutral color scheme is a great idea, it can get a bit . . . well, boring, to be honest. While you may not want your house to look like the inside of a rainbow, a splash of color here and there is sure to brighten things up and make it look more exciting. Keep reading to find how you can bring some color into your home.


Rugs can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re bright and colorful, like this beautiful Modern rug below. If you want to add some color to a room, a rug is a great place to start. A Lot of people opt for a white or neutral color scheme in their living room, but those color rugs will easily show if there’s any dirt or stains. Luckily, that’s not such a big issue with colorful rugs whether its a Fine Kashmir Silk Carpet or a traditional woolen rug.

modern rugs


Art is a great way to bring some color into your house without having to compromise on sophistication. There are so many different art forms out there, so if you don’t see yourself as someone who hangs portraits in their house, you can always opt for sculptures or abstract art. If you notice any glaringly empty spaces in your house, why not fill it with some art, and make it colorful to really pack a punch?


Brightly colored couches and chairs may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring some color to your furniture! If you feel like everything is too monochromatic, make it pop with a few colorful throw pillows. You can make them all the same color if you’re opting for a cohesive look, or you can make each pillow a different color if you’re feeling adventurous. You can even get pillows with creative patterns on them, like this teal emblem pillow.

Accent walls

I think everyone can agree than painting all of the walls in your house a bright shade can be quite intimidating. That’s why accent walls are such a huge trend right now – you can dip your toe into the water without drowning. Plus, if you ever change your color scheme, you’ll only have one wall to repaint, instead of the entire room. As the name suggests, an accent wall is a single wall in a room that is painted a different color than the rest. If you have neutral walls, a brightly colored wall is sure to look amazing. It can be difficult to know how to make an accent wall work, so feel free to play around with some colors until you know what you want.

Bright furniture

I’m not saying you should go out and buy rainbow-colored couches or anything like that, but you can add some color to any room with a few small, brightly colored pieces of furniture. Small tables or even bookshelves will look amazing when painted a bright color. You can even paint them yourself if you’re in the mood for some DIY.