Its Friday night and you are excited to have guests over for some nice mulled wine and baked dinner. You put on your favorite dress after a long day of cleaning and making your place spick and span. The entire house has been mopped and swept and made to look like brand new.

However, there is one thing that is missing that makes the place look like incomplete. It is the presence of a gorgeous handmade rug at the entrance. Without placing a beautiful carpet right before the entrance, the floor looks bare and the space appears to be uninviting. It’s the eleventh hour and there is no alternative to it. 5 quick and easy tips for a beautiful designer entryway are as follows:

 1)    Place a light colored rug

The color of the rug plays a key role when deciding on an entrance rug. It is highly recommended to place a neutral color or light colored rug that matches with the rest of the décor. It should be inviting enough and should exude a warm and comfort look-and-feel. Placing a light colored carpet projects a larger than life image of the entire house as opposed to spreading a rug that is dark toned and makes the entrance space look small.

2)    Make sure its not in the way of a door

Deciding for an entryway rug is by no means a trivial issue. It is extremely crucial to ensure that the rug is not placed in the way of the main door. The rug should be placed in such a way that it does not obstruct the entrance and at the same time provides a comfort appearance to the entranceway.

3)    Inexpensive since it’s a high traffic area

Since all visitors or family members would be primarily using this door as the entrance and would be a high traffic area, it is thoroughly advised not to use an expensive rug at the entrance. A suitable rug should be light colored, inexpensive but of good quality at the same time. The carpet should be conducive enough for high traffic areas.

entrance rug

4)    Decide the shape of the rug

There can be several shapes of rug that can be great for an entrance rug. A round shaped rug is ideal for a grand entrance and provides a very sophisticated look. On the other hand, if the entrance hallway is long and narrow, it is best advised to place a runner rug that fits perfectly in the designated space and gives an inviting look at the same time.

Round rug

5)    Placement of furniture

It is highly recommended to place the piece of furniture you desire to keep at the entrance and then spread the rug accordingly. One does not want the rug to be bumping up against the furniture or touching another rug in the same area. At the same time, one does not want the rug to be too small.

Hence, get off the couch and get started on creating a grand entrance by following the aforementioned tips on how to create a beautiful entranceway by using a gorgeous handmade rug and make the space more inviting and conducive for heavy traffic areas.

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