Carpets are one of the costliest investments of your home. It not only provides you a bunch of compliments from your guests but also makes your feet feel warm all day long. You will be able to continue gaining such benefits by keeping your carpet clean, fuzzy, and well maintained. But it isn’t that easy!

Intending to clean the carpets, many of you start making mistakes. And that can cost a fortune. Therefore, to aid you, we’ve jotted down five mistakes you should never repeat during carpet cleaning.

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Mistake #1. Not cleaning the spills on time

It is one of the common mistakes that many people make. If food waste or spills stay on your carpets for a longer time, then wear down will happen faster. Because with time, fibres of the rugs will absorb it. Hence, make sure that you clean your carpets regularly and remove spills as soon as you observe on your fine handmade silk and wool rugs.

Mistake #2. Scrubbing the stains

What do you do when you split a half glass of wine on your carpet? Most of the people go straight down and start scrubbing it as fast as possible. If you do the same, then you are in big trouble. It will force the stain to go deeper into the carpet fibres, reducing the lifespan of your carpets.

Instead of rubbing, gently dab at the stain with a dry cloth or paper towel. It will blot the stain from the carpet rather than forcing it to go further deep.

Mistake #3. Not testing the cleaners first before applying

Of course, every time dabbing the stain won’t work. You will need to take the help of some carpet cleaning products. But always remember one thing – not all products are suitable for your carpet. Therefore, testing the cleaners before applying is a safe and good idea. Otherwise, it can discolour your rugs.

Mistake #4. Avoiding deep cleaning

Though you clean your carpets routinely, it needs deep cleaning too. Many carpet manufacturers recommend to deep clean carpets twice a year. Because debris and dust get accumulated deep inside the fibres and to get rid of it, it requires thorough cleaning. It will enhance the life of your carpet and will also keep brand new all the time.

For deep cleaning, always contact professionals as they are pro in it. You can even do it yourself, but it would be risky for your carpets.

Mistake #5. Using excessive water

When it comes to stains, water becomes your main element. But its excessive use during carpet cleaning may turn out to be your biggest mistake. You can even loosen stains by using two drops of water. But if you use too much water, then it can damage the stickiness that holds your carpet down. And on the other hand, you are also encouraging the growth of mould.

In some cases, the stains get spread outwards, creating a larger patch and discoloration. Therefore, use water in smaller quantities while removing stains.

Final wrap:

Carpet cleaning is not like a walk in the park, but by avoiding the above-listed mistakes, it would be acakewalk. These mistakes are one of the main things you should consider while buying a living room rug. And it will be instrumental in prolonging the lifespan of your carpet and keeping your home mould-free, clean, and stylish. Also, consider securing professional help from a reputed cleaning company to supplement your do-it-yourself efforts.


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