5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Handmade Rug

Buying a Handmade rug is certainly not an everyday affair. It is one of those things that one invests in once in a while and which could be passed on from generations and generations to come altogether. For a layman, it is extremely hard to figure out and understand the nuances that go into buying that perfect rug. Many a times, one gets trapped into spending a bomb for an inferior quality rug due to inadequate knowledge.

However, there are several factors to consider prior to investing in a good quality hand woven carpet:

1) Define the placement of rug

It is extremely crucial to define the placement of the rug in any given space. One could either opt to use the rug as a feature rug and have it as the cynosure of every eye in any given room. In this case, the entire décor of the room shall revolve around the color, design and pattern of the rug placed. On the other hand, one could also choose to place the rug beneath the existing furniture in such a way that it doesn’t overlap the beautiful rug. Once, the desired placement of the rug is clear, one can concentrate on other variables that are mandatory before proceeding with that big purchase.

2) Set aside a budget

Buying a rug is certainly not anywhere close to buying everyday groceries. One has to spend a certain amount but most importantly set aside a budget one might want to spend. If one is looking for a long-term treasure, investing in a good quality rug is certainly worth the buy. On the other side, for a high traffic area, it is advisable to go in for an inexpensive rug that can be replaced from time to time as opposed to any other rug that is more conducive for a low traffic area.

3) Measure the space correctly

Another important factor to consider before deciding on your favorite rug that would enhance the beauty of your space and add ultimate sophistication to the décor is to measure the exact size of the given space. Standardized rugs are usually rectangular in shape.

Additionally, it is essential to determine if one would prefer the legs of the furniture on or off the carpet. The trick is to be consistent throughout instead of having one side of the rug with legs of the furniture on it and the other side, off it. Our recommendation is to have the legs of the furniture off the carpet since it makes it easier for day-to-day cleaning and vacuuming.

4) Determine variables like color, shape, design etc.

With a plethora of options available to choose from, a discerning buyer is often confused when it comes to picking the right color, shape or design of the rug. Choosing a rug is like picking a ring for your fiancé. There are no could have’s, would have’s or should have’s. One should be clear on his or her choice instead of settling down for just any mediocre type or kind of rug. Choosing the right color plays a vital role whilst narrowing down options for your space. A light colored rug is ideal to make the space appear bigger than usual as opposed to a dark toned rug. A quick tip for picking the right color is that the rug doesn’t have to match 100% with the rest of the décor. As long as it compliments the interiors of the space, one should be good to go.

As far the shape of the rug is concerned, long runners are suitable for corridors, passages or hallways. For an area rug, a rectangular rug is ideal that fits the given space once it is correctly measured. Round rugs are for foyers/entrances/ kids room, which are more playful.

There are various patterns one can choose from when it comes to deciding on the design of the rug. One can either go in for a traditional, transitional or modern/contemporary rug depending upon the interior décor of the rest of the space.

5) Through a recommended Rug dealer

Lastly, once all the aforementioned factors are decided upon, it is crucial to go through a recommended dealer instead of just investing in a rug through just anyone. As a layman, one often gets trapped into getting duped by local rug dealers with minimum experience or those who misrepresent with their interesting stories. A quick tip would be to go ahead with a rug dealer who is experienced, through a referral and is trust worthy. Make sure to gather enough information with respect to cleaning, repair, maintenance and guarantee of the rug.

Hence, it can fairly be concluded that a lot goes into picking your favorite rug and making the right choices. By following the above stated points, one can ensure to be hassle-free and decorate their space with their favorite rug by making their investment, worth the buy.