Everybody wants to decorate their home in every season. This is the spring so remove your heavy curtains from your window and welcome to the fresh air into your home. Minimize your extra bedding and accessories from your home and decorate it like a PRO. There are two types of people. First, who spend money and buy decorative items for their home and second, who want to decorate home but don’t have enough money o buy decorative items. So, for this spring I am going to tell you some great ideas which is you can follow and buy at very reasonable prices.

Clean your home:

This is the beginning step of this task. Remove your decorative items from your wall, a fan from your ceiling, handmade area rug from your floor and clean it using cleaning solution and water. Even if you add nothing to your home in terms of “spring decorations,” take a couple days to deep clean from floor to roof. I just did this in my bedroom, and now I can see the difference. So you should clean under all of the furniture. You can also use a magic eraser to get that mystery marks off from the wall. Remove the pillow covers, bedsheet, curtains and clean it with warm water and detergent. Also clean your windows inside and outside so that you can enjoy the fresh sunlight inside your room.

Rearrange the furniture:

“One small change can make the big differences” so you can set your furniture in a new way. For example, place your sofa from center to the corner etc. Move your bed from corner to center or one end to another end. There are so many choices which you can follow. You can take some references and ideas from magazines also.

Rearrange furniture

Add plants inside your home:

Well, now the place is clean and clutter free and you are also ready to bring some new things. I suggest you start with the plant. However, planting can be difficult because it requires care and attention. My recommendation is to do some research before buying that trendy plant. Take your time to find out that which plants are better for your home and lifestyle, does it needs daily water or if you forget about it for a few days, will it survive? Does it require a lot of sun light or it can survive in shady conditions? Is there a toxic substance for your child or pets? Such ideas will help you find the best plant for your home.

Plants inside

Buy a beautiful dhurrie:

Floor is the main area of a home so never forget to decorate this area. If you don’t have enough money to buy a handmade carpet then you can also take flat-woven dhurrie for your home. You can take dhurrie in cotton or in wool material according to your choice. If you have an allergy to dust then I suggest you to take a hand-woven cotton durrie for your home because it is 100% dust free. This is 100% hand washable and reversible dhurrie. So, you can use it from both sides. This is one-time sort investment and you can use it from generation to next generation.

Handmade Dhurrie

Add paintings:

You can add some of your favorite paintings or photographs to your wall. You can also buy it online.

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