If you ask me what is the most important part of your home, then I will come up with one answer, the kitchen. And if you ever wonder which is the most neglected part of your home, then also I have the same answer, it is your kitchen. Yes, no matter how often the kitchen has been described as the heart of the home, it often goes neglected, especially during the time of renovation.

When you are planning your home renovation, you often forget that kitchen is such an area that bears most of the traffic, as well as the temperature rise and humidity. So, it is necessary that you handle the kitchen decoration with special care. But, you cannot ignore the look of the kitchen either. Precisely, on one hand, you need to make the kitchen stunning enough to stay in sync with the rest of the décor of your home.

pristine white

Are you planning to make a white kitchen? If yes, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that, it is not easy to strike the perfect look. And, it is surely not a piece of cake to maintain a white kitchen properly. However, with some quirky tips, you can make your white kitchen stunning. Wondering what are those tips? Then take a look at the following tips that I usually share with my clients too.

Pick the Right White

If you are thinking of getting the color right for your kitchen, you need to know which white you are looking for. What white you are looking for? Pristine pure white or ivory shade? What look you want to achieve? If you are looking for a simple white kitchen, a pure white shade can be perfect for your kitchen. If you are thinking of adding a modern vibe, the best thing can be an ivory shade or off white.

Splurge on Cabinetry

When you are entering a kitchen, what do you look at, apart from the color on the wall? Yes, it is the cabinets that can make the kitchen look stunning or drab. If you are thinking of making your white kitchen stunning, then make sure you are buying the right kind of cabinets. It is better if you are thinking of investing in stark White Kitchen Cabinets But, I will suggest you steer clear of monotony in the kitchen look too. For that, add darker accents on the cabinet doors and handles.

pristine white kitchen

Create Contrast

It is really difficult to make your kitchen looks stunning is the monotony of white overpowers the style. However, it can be a perfect one if you are thinking of adding some contrast. Opt for a dark countertop. Granite would be a safe and functional choice. If you are not keen for that, a hardwood or maple top kitchen island can be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Dramatic Floor

As you are choosing a pristine white for your kitchen it often becomes quite monotonous. In such a situation, it is necessary to break that monotony. And for that, you need to add some extra drama in the flooring of the kitchen. Now, you must be wondering what can be the perfect dream element for the kitchen. Add a floor of wood or terracotta. It can be a stunning vision.

Camouflage Appliances

Now, you must be worried about your home appliances. You can easily camouflage them by the built-in design. It can be perfect for your kitchen, as it will add a modern and functional vibe to the décor. It will make your kitchen look quite clutter free too.

Use these ideas in your kitchen décor. Find a reputed Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler and buy the right pieces you need to make a perfect white kitchen of your dream.