Boho style is one of those styles that never really goes out. I mean year after year some sort of bohemian design is found trending and this year is no different. When it comes to decorating, the most important elements of boho design (like any type of design really) is texture and color, and there are 3 big ways you can manipulate those elements in your home. So if you’re looking to bring some bohemian style to your home this season read on.

1. Rugs:

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Boho is all about the textures and patterns in a room, and what better way to bring that into space than in a bold move with rugs! You can define a space with one large rug, or layer multiple rugs in a room to add extra flair. Personally, I love the layered rug look, as any one person's combination of rugs will always be unique, and layered rugs is a design trend mainly seen in boho rooms.

Bohemian style is all about going bold while maintaining a natural earthy feel so picking patterns with lots of contrasting colors is always a good bet when searching for the perfect rug. You can also pick out rugs that are handmade and woven from braided fabrics, or natural fibers like jute. These add a strong earthy and one-of-a-kind element to your home. (Jute, and other grass, rugs also can have an earthy smell which is probably "love or hate" when you first place them in your home. I liked the smell of the one in my dining room personally but it did dissipate after a few days anyway.)

Looking to add even more texture and color to your space? Hang a large rug on the wall in place of a painting or photo to make a bold statement and really warm up the room.

2. Curtains:

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Another great way to bring color into a room is to add brightly dyed curtains over your window. When designing in the boho aesthetic don’t be afraid to bring in strong jewel tones of emerald and amethyst, or rusty oranges and reds. Earth tones of green and brown can also be beautiful in a boho space. And maybe try out gold if you’re feeling luxurious and bold.

You can also opt for a lighter color palette here and put white or cream curtains on your windows for an airy and natural feel. Letting in that sunshine and view of the outdoors is a pleasure not only for the eyes but for the soul as you’re sure to feel more connected to nature when you see it daily. And you get boho bonus points if your white curtains have a textured element to them like macrame or pompoms.

3. Blankets and Pillows:

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Then, of course, we can’t forget about blankets and pillows. The best boho spaces, in my opinion, are filled with them. The great thing about boho is that it’s far from a match-matchy decor style. So when buying throw pillows for your couch you don’t have to worry about buying pillows that match in shape or size, just pick any few pillows you like (or a dozen if you’re a pillow addict like me) and throw them all about your living room or bedroom. On the couch, on chairs, on beds and on the floor, pillows of varying size, color and textures really help to bring the fun in a bohemian inspired room.

When it comes to blankets, drape hand-woven textiles over the back of your couch, or hang them on a blanket ladder to be beautiful decor that’s also accessible when you need them. Nothing is more inviting them a living room with cozy blankets to lounge in while watching a movie or viewing the nature outside your window.

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