Buying online is the latest trend to take anything directly at home. It is the easiest way to buy anything because you can do it by sitting anywhere within 1- 3 minutes. Nowadays, nobody has time to visit stores and waste time to see clothes or accessories one by one. In terms of handmade silk carpet, it is a most traditional way to decorate a home. In today’s modern and automated world, the intricate craftsmanship is something that is very difficult to find. A skilfully crafted handmade Kashmir silk is hard to find as compared to a machine made rug because machine-made carpets are available in plenty. A handmade silk carpet takes many months to weave. This is woven in pure silk material. It is known for its intricacy craftsmanship. These beautifully woven silk carpets are known for its softness and fine workmanship. Handmade silk carpets have divided into two categories. The first one is silk on silk and the second one is silk on cotton. On silk rug, a silk on silk rug is better than a silk on cotton rug and has a more complex design pattern. Nowadays, a lot of options are available online and anyone can easily purchase online silk rugs. Each silk rug has an exotic design pattern and these designs are originated from different cities of Persia, Iran. The common designs in these silk gases are Qum, Hamadan, Kashan, Tree of Life, flowers and Nain. Handmade silk carpets are a very exclusive item.

Handmade Carpet

Best for a low traffic area: Handmade silk carpets are woven in pure silk material which is very hard to find. That’s why it is an expensive item. Handmade Kashmir silk carpet is ideal for the less traffic area. Never place your rug in a high traffic place like family room, hallway, dining room etc. This is ideal for a living room and bedroom. Because living room is a place where you can show your lifestyle to others and a bedroom is a place where you feel better to rest.

Handmade Carpet

Famous Design of Silk Carpet: Handmade silk carpets are made in pure traditional designs which have been originated many years ago. Find the best three designs below :

Medallion Kashan: It is the most famous and very popular design which has been originated from Persia in the 16th century. In this design, the center of silk carpet contains a circular or medallion shape and the ground of carpet is filled with tiny motifs. It contains an intricate design in carpet border.

Qum Design: In Qum Design pattern, the ground of handmade silk rug is divided into small equal sizes box and every box contains an intricate design pattern.

Now find best two silk carpets online-

Neel Medallion Kashan Silk Traditional Rug: A pure silk handmade Persian design carpet with natural (not chemical) dye gives an amazing look. This design is originated from KashanŲŒ located in Persia that is famous in all over the world for its intricate traditional motifs. Very nice and charming that you can use as an art piece and hang on the wall or on the floor. The warp and weft, both are in pure silk. It has a very smooth touch. Put this rug on your floor in a low traffic area and impress your guest with your choice and lifestyle.

Handmade Carpet

Rust Silk Kashan Area Rug: In America, people love to use vibrant colors and this carpet will go perfectly according to your home. Buy this rust silk Kashan area rug online from Rugs and Beyond. This is woven in India using pure silk material and contains Kashan design pattern. 

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