Life is busy and anytime we can spend not cleaning is pretty valuable time. For that, it’s important for us to be quite smart with all of our cleaning stuff. But how! What if we get to know about some of the amazing tricks that help us shave minutes off our cleaning and have more time to spend with our family, friends and etc.? Therefore, we have come up with some 5 really useful tips that will help you save time while cleaning. So let’s get started;

Check out the Oven

Like Seriously! Yes. If you have been into these cleaning stuff for quite a long time, you might not have ever heard anybody say that he/she loves to clean the oven.  Here is an easy way for you to never have to clean the bottom of your oven again. All you need to get is, an oven liner. It’s either at the bottom of your oven or maybe at the bottom rack. It actually depends upon the kind of oven you have at your home.


Since there is so much cooking relates stuff that your oven takes good care of, you can also be a bit smart to cut your effort by placing the over liner at the bottom. Whenever anything piece of baked stuff falls down, it would simply rest over the over liner. All you need to do is, just grab it out, wipe it once, rinse it well and put it back. As simple as that.

Solution to Scrubbing

If you love cooking, you might not realize that how much hard core mass you have allowing to rest on your dishes. And if it gets harder, it will get hard for you to get these off. So how you should with this? Here is the quite simple and effective way. Once you are don cooking, just fill the vessel with warm water, baking soda and some dish soap.

Just let it do its thing till then you can just enjoy the meal. Till that time, it would simply kind of a marinade the dirt, grease and grime making post dinner cleanup quite easier. By doing this, you have simply cut over 70% of your time and effort of scrubbing. Precisely, there won’t be any scrubbing you need to mess yourself up with, just wipe down and you are done.


You know what, cleaning gets so much easier with S-Pattern as per the House cleaning services Dubai. When we think about cleaning, we try to do this in circular buffing motion that’s pretty good for cars but everything else in the world should be cleaned using the S. pattern. You know why it is like that.

For instance; when you use a circular buffing pattern. You get to the clean the dirty area and you clean it, you catch some dirty stuff you come back over and now you are re-dirtying it. Moreover, the other thing too is a dirty clock will also leave streaks.

So a great way to combat this is to use the S Pattern. It's a simple zigzag or S. shaped motion, you start at the top you work your way to the bottom. With this, you simply never have to retrace your steps and things get way easier for you.

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