Decided to clean your carpets on your own, have you? Good idea but still not one of the best you’ve come up till now. There are numerous well reputed carpet cleaning NYC businesses that operate in the city right now. There could be 2 primary reasons for not opting for their services and choosing to clean your carpets on your own. On the top of my head are that you want to save your time and money. Hate to burst the bubble but if you call a well known carpet cleaning NYC company they will be at your home in practically no time. Their prices too are very much affordable and probably much less than what it would cost you to perform the entire cleaning chore all by yourself at home. Yes, but since you have already decided to take matters in your own hands, let us begin with educating you with the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that you are prone to making. Washing or cleaning your carpets, rugs and upholstery isn’t going to be easy unless you ensure that you don’t make the following mistakes:


1. Letting The Stain Dry

This is on top of my list because we often tend to leave wine, gravy, juice and pasta stains on our carpets for hours and hours. Doesn’t it become awkward when you have to pick up a sponge in the middle of a room full of your party guests and go at it right there? Well, if you don’t do it, your beautiful carpets will become prey to permanent stains and wicking. So, no matter what stops you from containing and soaking up that spill or prevents you from grabbing that sponge, be there on time with the necessary supplies so that you can prevent the stain from seeping deep into the fibers of the carpet. I repeat, DO NOT let the spill stay on your carpets for long. Act fast and you will be able to preserve the beauty and elongate the life of your carpets by years.

2. Rubbing The Stain

Don’t we just love a good hard scrub? But mind it; this is your carpet we are talking about and not your cousin’s bumpy scarred oily skin. So NO RUBBING OR SCRUBBING is allowed. That’s right; you are not allowed to be rough with your carpet fibers and for all good reason. Rubbing the stains whether it is with a detergent or with plain water will only spread the stain further and worsen the situation. Your carpet stands to lose much of its silky texture and sheen and become worn out after rubbing. Instead work with a clean white cloth to blot up all the stains and spill that threaten to soil the beauty of your carpet. Put the clean cotton cloth on the affected area and press it down with some weight such as a stack of old books or a table turned upside down or a few weights from your husband’s home gym. This will absorb all the liquid without causing the stain to spread all over the carpet.


3. Using Bleach On Colored Carpets

Use bleach on whites, off whites, ivory, pearl whites, and all kinds of non-colors. DO NOT make the mistake of using bleach on your colored carpets as it will remove their original color. Many of us think that bleaching often cleans the handmade carpets of the stains and soiling which is definitely not the case. Bleach as the name suggests just removes the coloring agent that causes stains on your carpets such as red wine or grape juice. This too will be effective only when you have cleaned the affected area carefully but are still stuck with an unwanted hue or tinge to it. You can use diluted bleach solution to discolor the tinted area but do not think that it will act as a cleaner or a detergent to get rid of the soiling. These are some very common mistakes that we all end up making apart from not calling in the carpet cleaning NYC experts on time. If you ask other homeowners in the city, you’re better of seeking their help rather than doing it all by yourself. 

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