Sprucing up a small living room is sometimes the root of frustration and stress. Apart from our bedroom, we use much of our time every day in our living room compared to any other part of the house, and we are for the most part awake. The truth is we can enjoy a small scale living room that serves well and is aesthetically attractive like a large living room. To be able to make your living room look cozy and spacious is to take leverage of all the space available.

Do not allow your small-scale living room take your style. Whatever size it may be, it can still look stylish whenever you want. Below are the simple solutions to the common issues for embellishing a small living room that will help you transform your unsettled living space into a heavenly room in no time.

1) Take Out All The Clutter

Even if you have a large living room, it will not become aesthetically attractive with all the mess and unnecessary kinds of stuff in there. All the more in a small living room, it will feel suffocating with all the clutter.

When you possess a small-scale living space, then you have to be eager to control all the clutter. These small areas are typically limited to storage, one solution to this problem is to add hidden storage areas.

You can utilize the spaces under the end and coffee tables, dresser, or kitchen cabinets to accentuate a customized look at a low price. However, adding these storage space can quickly stuff up a small room, abandoning you with your problem.


Take a hard, long look at your living room and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that gets in your way or does not work entirely in the room.

A) Illuminate With Mirrors

Illuminate with mirror

Sometimes interior designers situate mirrors to make a small room feel larger, strategically hanging a large mirror in the middle is one of the known decor idea for small living spaces to generate a centerpiece.

 Put a mirror behind a supply of light like a pendant lamp or a candle to reverse light and boost the perfect ambiance for your room. Another trick is to set your mirror opposite your window to create an illusion as if there is another window.

B) Minimal Furnitures

If your living room is within a limited space only, then acquiring a sofa, a coffee table, two end tables, and two chairs might be too much too handle. Too much furniture in your living space might become the reason for all the clutter in your room.

Focus on Furniture that gives the function that your family needs but still adds a style to your room. Getting rid of that unessential furniture in the living room will minimize the clutter easily and expand your floor space.

2) Go For Light Colors

Light Color

Opting for the right color for your living space is much more than searching for the brightest white. But you are not restricted to utilize other colors for your living room as long as you are satisfied.

If you cannot paint light colors for your walls, opt for choosing types of furniture with neutral colors to create an elegant and smooth ambiance to your space. Also, it will make your space feel larger and brighter. You can use a beautiful ivory or cream color handmade carpet and can place it on your surface for enhancing the beauty of entire space. 

Light colors like white appear to be an excellent option for a small scale living room because it illuminates the dark corners in your room and gives light all around. You can also try utilizing silver gray paint to add style and light accented by white embellishments.

3) Takeaway

Most small living space ideas think about deluding the eye into making space seem spacious. Such approach can turn your room that feels confined and suffocating into a comfortable and beautiful one.

Some tricks to make your space liveable are to remove all the clutter, hang mirrors, have less furniture, and opt for light colors

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