Decorating a home is a big task but it’s not a boring task. If you know some interesting ideas for decorating a home then this task can be converted from a boring task into an interesting task. As we know that there are two ways to decorate a home either traditional home decoration or modern home décor. In this article I am going to tell you that how you can decorate your home in a modern home décor using handmade carpets and rugs. As we know that it is almost winter time and hence a handmade carpet is very important for a room so you should take handmade carpet but if you are going to spend money then this is important that it should be in perfect size and design. So I am going to tell you about the best way to use handmade carpet.

First I want to give a brief idea about modern carpet and then will tell you about decoration ideas.

Modern carpet: - Handmade modern carpets are woven in hand knotted technique and hand tufted technique as well. The same is woven in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. Modern carpet contains maximum 4-6 colors in a single carpet. Modern carpets contain many designs like contemporary design, stripe pattern, geometric pattern, solid pattern etc. Handmade carpets are highly durable and you can use it according to the traffic in room.

Colour Combination of modern carpet: - Modern carpets are made in solid colors and light colors but most of the people prefer light color carpets for their home. Vibrant and multi colors are suitable for a traditional home décor. Modern carpets contain simple designs without having any medallion in centre. Some times this is woven in floral designs but contain bold motifs of flower like Spring Fling Modern Carpet rather than small and tiny motifs of flower and leaves.

Decorate with stripe design: - Stripe design carpets contain stripe design in two color or in multi colors in a vertical or horizontal fashion. So if you want to decorate your home with this design carpet then place it with solid color furniture. Place a grey color sofa with minimum decorative accent. This design is simple and takes less time to weave as compared to other designs.

Stripe Carpet

Decorate with Contemporary Design Carpet: - Modern carpets are also known as contemporary carpet. Contemporary design is looks like a hand painting which is the combination of multicolour on a single carpet ground. “French contemporary modern carpet” is one of them you can buy this beautiful carpet from Rugs and Beyond. This carpet is best for this November 2017 due to its multi colors. You can also use the other decorative things with this carpet.  

Contemprory design carpet

Place a solid design carpet in your bedroom: - Solid design means solid color. When a carpet contains one or two dark color on the ground then this is called solid design carpet. If you want to highlight your carpet and want to use some vibrant color accessories with it then this carpet is good for you.

Solid color carpet

Geometrical Design carpet: - Geometrical design carpet contains circular shapes, rectangular shapes, diamond shape, oval lapping etc. on the ground of carpet. This type carpet is absolutely suitable for a modern home décor.

Geometrical Design Carpet

So these above designs you can select and can give new look to your home. So put a beautiful carpet with some decoarting accesories and enhace the beauty of your home. 

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